The Null Set Is Now 8 Years Old

I must be getting old because it does not seem like a year has passed since writing The Null Set’s seventh anniversary post but the calendar says otherwise. To the frequent readers/commenters, the one-timers, and everyone in between – Thank you! I’d like to promise (and deliver) more content and better content but I am who I am and all I can do is try.

I feel a rambling bit of introspection coming on, so, if reading that doesn’t sound appealing to you then this should be the last sentence you read before going – I don’t mind, you won’t hurt my feelings …incidentally, I’ve often wondered if I’d read my blog if someone else wrote it (look at me stretching this sentence out, anyways 🙂 ) – thanks again for visiting.

If I look back at the year just completed here at The Null Set, I can’t help but feel a moderate level of disappointment at what was accomplished. While I enjoyed running my weekly anime quizzes last winter it was still disappointing to slowly watch the number of people who’d click on the weekly quiz go from a touch above 300, in the first week, down to around 20 by the end.

shinsekaiyori30752I had plans for the second half of the year. I wanted to update my top anime of all-time list which would include a rewatch of a number of series like Steins;Gate, Shinsekai Yori, and enough of Hunter x Hunter (2011) for it qualify. (To be eligible, I require a rewatch to see how a series holds up.) I wanted to watch Legend of Galactic Heroes and I was excited about what I’d get to watch for Reverse Thieves’ Secret Santa Project. I was going to try reworking my weekly anime quiz format and give it a second run.

And none of that ended up happening. I probably wouldn’t have gotten to it all even under ideal conditions but it would have been nice to get to some of it. I know it’s more important to help my Mom through the chemo but I’m really hoping by the coming summer she’ll be “cured” and it will be possible to return to “normal” life and I’ll have more time and inclination to devote to this blog.

I’m not complaining about losing the time to blog; I’ve got a debt to her that I could never hope to pay off. And it’s not like I particularly mind helping her keep her house looking nice and clean like she’s kept it her entire life. Nor do I mind cooking dinner for her most nights and watching something relaxing (and hopefully uplifting) on TV with her.

DoctorWho_VincentOn that last count I’ve mentioned before but I obviously got my geeky/nerdyness genes from her, so, for instance, these last few months I’ve watched a lot of Doctor Who with her – both the Classic series and the new and we’re both excited about the return of X-Files. She’s also up for watching subtitled anime. I watched The Sword and the Stranger with her awhile ago and after it was done I asked her if she’d liked it and she told me ‘How could anyone not like it’. We’re currently watching My Love Story which she’s loving as much as I’d hope she would. (The show is as much of a blast the second time through and there’s no way it won’t finish in my top 5 anime of 2015.) At some point in the near future I’m going to try Silver Spoon on her, I think there’s a good chance she’ll like that one. And she requested Yotsuba! to watch but I had to tell her that no such anime exists. Mumble mumble.

I also wanted to take a shot at writing something on the hubbub surrounding the Hugo Awards last year but the spectacle turned out to be too funny, too sad, and too depressing to do so. (Was I the only one that found the hilarity in the members of the open and progressive faction of SF showing their unwavering loyalty to the Party by voting for The Three-Body Problem for best novel because it was the sole work the nasty, hateful reactionary conservative Sad Puppies Group didn’t get nominated and said book just happened to take a very dim view on the zeal the Communists of China showed purging their comrades in a bid to ‘purify’ their country back in the 1960’s. If I’d’ve voted, my vote would have gone to The Three-Body Problem because it was genuinely great science fiction, probably the best new SF novel I’ve read in years.) I will probably get a second chance this year to talk Hugo Awards because I can’t imagine how they won’t be a train wreck again this year.

So, I have a lot of left over stuff from last year I’d like to get too and I have ideas for a couple of other projects kicking around in my head that I’d like to tackle some day. What gets accomplished this year will probably be as much of a surprise to you as it is to me, but, I’ll most definitely – probably – still be around a year from now to recap how I fared. Thank you once again for visiting and reading.

[HorribleSubs] One-Punch Man - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.09_[2015.11.08_17.33.38][Cthuko] Shirobako - 24v0 [720p H264 AAC][4809B8BF].mkv_snapshot_20.34_[2015.03.27_14.34.02]

In eight years The Null Set has had:

  • 655 blog posts (54 posts this last year)
  • 1,583,788 views (59,075 views this last year)
  • 2,787 comments (232 comments this year)
  • 197,415 spam comments (3,815 spam comments  this year)



6 thoughts on “The Null Set Is Now 8 Years Old”

  1. And she requested Yotsuba! to watch but I had to tell her that no such anime exists.

    This is the saddest sentence I’ve read in your blog. 😦 I respect the author’s firm decision to not have Yotsuba! animated, but anime is still the more accessible medium for most enthusiasts.

    And congrats on your 8th year! Time sure quickly flies by~


  2. @CheesyJ: I apologize for the incredibly slow response, thank you for the comment!

    @miharusshi: Sorry for the epically slow response, thank you for the comment!

    I still believe the manga author had a bad experience when Azumanga Daioh was adapted or really didn’t like the result (both have been denied) which is why he won’t let Yotsuba! get made into an anime. If I was very rich I think I’d pay to get an episode of Yotsuba! anime made then try to convince the author to let me make more.


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