Day 9 – Mea Culpa – The 12 Days of Anime

I am a horrible human being.

Sometimes how I respond to an anime is all I need to remind myself of this. For instance, I spent the entire run of Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story) worried that I wasn’t going to entertained enough because there was no way having the main couple stay together through the run of the series was going to be provide enough story and tension to fill up a two cour series. Yes, I’d feel twinges of guilt whenever I wish something “dramatic” would happen between Takeo and Rinko but that didn’t stop me wishing it at least once a week during the airing of Ore Monogatari!!. That I was proven wrong – that it was possible to construct a romantic comedy series where the main couple got together at the beginning and was largely drama free – was one of the good highlights of the year.

This series is not the one behind today’s moment since the issue I had was a reoccurring problem on my part so it hardly counts as a “moment” and besides, there is a better example of my horrible human nature.

Grisaia no Rakuen (The Eden of Grisaia) was the sequel to last year’s Grisaia no Kajitsu. Subtly was the last thing the first season was worried about and I didn’t think the second season would be any different. I never toyed with the idea of not watching the second season, it was on my list of shows I definitely was going to watch. However, I did not realize in the time between series I’d unconsciously decided that I enjoyed a series that was bent on making it’s characters suffer in odd ways. (The value I put on shows that are unique in some way probably strongly plays into this.)

[Chihiro]_Grisaia_no_Rakuen_-_01_[720p_Hi10P_AAC][6C125E29].mkv_snapshot_07.12_[2015.04.27_01.41.01]It was only during the first episode that this realization became apparent. The main character, as a boy, had been given a cute puppy as a present. The boy of course loved it for the next few minutes of screen time, when, one day, a huge bear broke into the house where the dog was staying. As soon as I realized what was about to happen to the puppy I started grinning like an idiot – I might even have pumped my fist a few times. I paused to get a screenshot of the occasion, I figured I’d probably use it to write something about how outrageous this new season was because no one kills a cute puppy.

[Chihiro]_Grisaia_no_Rakuen_-_01_[720p_Hi10P_AAC][6C125E29].mkv_snapshot_15.30_[2015.04.27_01.49.50]It was only at this moment that I realized how gleeful I was and how wrong that was. Chagrined, I never did write that article … I still watched the series, though, and gave it a pretty decent score of 7/10 on MAL and I’d watch a sequel if it gets made.

Maybe this is what being a Symphogear fan feels like when thinking about the actual quality of the show.


5 thoughts on “Day 9 – Mea Culpa – The 12 Days of Anime”

  1. That’s pretty funny – I spent a lot of the Ore Monogatari series hoping like hell that /nothing dramatic would happen between our main couple. XD I don’t think this has anything with me being a good or bad human being though; it was primarily because I don’t tend to like romantic dramas or romcoms precisely because they’re so often “zomg tension!!” Ore Monogatari felt incredibly refreshing to me by comparison, and so I even remember feeling like the last couple of episodes, where the drama did (sort of) happen, were the lower points of the show.


  2. @Artemis: I think because I’d never seen a romantic show go so low tension that I was second-guessing the show by wanting them to do terrible things to the main couple. Now that they’ve proved to me it’s possible I will probably start finding the artificial tension not a welcome thing.


  3. I also enjoyed Eden of Grisaia–perhaps particularly because its characters suffered in ways most other anime would shy away from. Aristotle does say that one of the surest ways of hooking an audience is through the characters suffering, and being shocked by novel forms of suffering no doubt helps also. I had to give it 8/10 if only for the crazy finale.

    Though, I was shocked that that went so far as to kill a puppy. That brought back memories of Elfen Lied.


  4. I also enjoyed Eden of Grisaia–perhaps particularly because its characters suffered in ways most other anime would shy away from.

    You must not be familiar with life and death dramas then, like MLA, Knights of Sidonia, or even that Titan anime.

    Japan’s sub culture has always produced those genres and themes, but mainstream anime first began for shounen demographics. It’s only recently that they are borrowing from the other sub cultural, non mainstream, of Japanese creation at the moment.

    Post WWII era Japan also had a similar construction for their movies, Kurosawa.

    An easy hint is nationalism. If Japanese nationalism is present in a media product, there’s a higher chance that it can tolerate the incorporation of tough stuff. It’s a counter to the Chinese 3 ways of warfare for the 21st century, in a defensive rather than offensive setup.


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