Day 2 – Yep, I’m Going to Enjoy This Anime – The 12 Days of Anime

Is it wrong to be more hyped and excited over the Independence Day sequel than the impending Star Wars sequel?

And will all that hype and excitement ultimately hurt my appreciation of Independence Day and help the Star Wars movie when I eventually see it (probably on rent from Netflix or Redbox)?

It depends. As movies, they’re short enough that I’ll almost assuredly watch to the end which gives the movie it’s full run to convince me it was a good movie. A series, on the other hand, is normally not given it’s full run to convince the viewer that it’s a good show and deserves to be watched. They need to convince the viewer as quickly as possible that we are going to enjoy (or at least feel the need to) watch them.

There is any number of ways this is done but there is a few common ways; such as, juicy bits of fan service (even if there’ll be none in the rest of the series), a very well animated fight scene, a classic storyline that one never tires of seeing, an interesting and new character or plot is introduced, comedy that’s actually funny – to name a few.

That one thing that convinces someone that they will enjoy a series is almost by definition a unique experience. For today, I’m going to feature the moment that best convinced me I was going to enjoy an anime in 2015 and that moment is the above screenshot from episode 1 of One Punch Man (OPM).

It would be quite the understatement to say that I was merely “hyped” for One Punch Man. The trailers made the show look like the next awesome thing and as long as the quality animation continued I’d certainly watch the show – that’s the only reason I finished Space Dandy – but as the first episode of OPM aired I was hoping for something more than a retread of Space Dandy.

space_dandy20213I realize it’s somewhat humorous that a well-animated fight scene convinced me One Punch Man was going to be a good series when the same top-quality animation prowess shown in Space Dandy was enough to get me to merely watch the series. I think the difference comes partly from the characters annoying me in Space Dandy and not in OPM and also because that fight scene in OPM lands so squarely in my wheelhouse of animation appreciation.

I’m not more than a novice appreciator of animation – for example, I can’t pick out the work of a specific animator sight-unseen as some people can– but I have given some thought to the appreciation of animation. I find merely stating that one likes “good” animation or even that they prefer 2D animation to 3D CG animation to be terribly vague. One of the things I discovered that I really like to see in “good” animation is obviously looking rough linework in a fight scene. To me, when I see it, it feels like there is so much energy pulsing around the shot that the animator has to struggle to contain this cosmic energy and it disrupts the animator’s ability to draw straight and we’re within a hair width of seeing that energy explode, killing the animator, destroying the studio it was drawn in, then giving the viewers a rather wicked tan before melting the screen on whatever device that plays it. But that’s just me 🙂 .

And since a screenshot doesn’t do this scene justice here’s a gif that I copied from this article on ANN about the animation of OPM. That article, incidentally could be the subject of it’s own moment – the moment that ANN showed they’re maybe finally and truly done with facepalm worthy writing.


It’s only right I think, before closing, to mention that the animator of this scene, according to the above article, was Yoshimichi Kameda who’s racked up an impressive list of remarkable animated scenes including the Mustang vs. Lust fight from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.


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