This Might Be the Strongest Anime Season in a Long Time

If asked, that would be how I would characterize this season so far. Look at this line-up: Noragami Aragoto, Haikyuu Season 2, Owarimonogatari, and One Punch Man – aka sequel to my #11 anime of 2014, sequel to my #5 anime of 2014, sequel to my #2 anime of 2009 ~ #7 anime of 2012 ~ #7 anime of 2013, and an anime that seems destined to finish at least in my top 10, if not higher for 2015. Sequels can be a bit touchy but all of these three sequels have started very strongly and seem set to be worthy additions to their respected franchises. Or looked at from another direction we have series from Bones, Production IG, Shaft, and Madhouse; we’re short just Kyoto Animation from being able to say this season has basically all the established top quality animation studios. (Waiting for the Sunrise fans to say something 🙂 .)

Then in the next breath, I’d also say that my opinion should really be taken with a grain of salt because I’m only watching those four anime series plus Peeping Life TV: Season 1?? (which is a good enough series that I’ll allow it’s irregular punctuation here). I’m still trying to catch up with last season – I explained why in my last post – so I have not had time to wade through the pool of mediocre series and the other potentially good series that fill a season up and weigh these against the prior seasons.

I’d like to one day try to “objectively” decide what season of anime was “the best”. (It’s on the pile of projects I’d like to get to for The Null Set but can never seem to find the time.) I always knew this task was a very subjective enterprise but this idea of how broad one samples a season influencing the impression adds yet another additional layer of objectively to any such enterprise.

Part of me wants to stop here for this season, no more new shows; that way, I don’t have to sully this good vibe I’m having about this season. Is this the feeling certain people cling to when they only consume books/TV/internet sites/etc. that they know ahead of time that they’ll like and agree with? Luckily – I believe, a bigger part of me likes the search for that next great anime series; I’m also open to trying new types of show and let the merits of the show decide how I like or dislike it. So, I’ll be plunging into the new fall anime series, though, I haven’t had the chance to research which other shows I should get too. I will update my feelings later on when I have a more comprehensive view of the season.


7 thoughts on “This Might Be the Strongest Anime Season in a Long Time”

  1. Nope. But I can understand wanting to think that, even if One Punch Man is as bland as the premise could possibly be, and Noragami’s writing is still one shade above “run over too many times with a wahmbulance”.

    Ultimately this season is just as average as the rest in the last year or so, except you happen to like more of the shows this time (as opposed to other people like the shows in previous seasons).

    Personally, if it wasn’t for Gundam being passably decent and Concrete Revolutio actually trying to tell a kinda fresh-feeling story, I would just be rewatching Sunred and calling it a day.


  2. Watch this season’s Osomatsu-san, it took me completely by surprise and it’s hysterical! Beautiful Bones has been great too.

    And One Punch Man is so awesome. 😀


  3. I’m enjoying this season. To date I’ve completed 19 series that premiered this year, and only three of them (Euphonium, Saekano, and Food Wars) earned a rating of 8 or higher from me. This season I’m still watching eight shows, and three of them could potentially earn an 8+ rating if they maintain or improve their current quality levels: One Punch Man, Gundam, and Perfect Insider. However, if history is any indicator, at least one or two of those shows will stumble and drop to a 6 or 7 rating before the season’s over.

    Glad to see your blog active again, too!


  4. Thanks for the comments
    @ El Goopo: It is hard to argue with someone who likes Sunred.

    @ Jamie: I am still trying to get to Osomatsu-san but have caught up on Beautiful Bones and I would agree that it’s been great so far.

    @ymarsakar: Yes it is.

    @WingKing: Thanks. I think Food Wars is arguably the best anime that JC Staff has made in the last ~12 years. I have started watching this season’s Gundam series and it’s my first Gundam series and I am surprised by how much I’m interested in it so far.


  5. Steel, I like to think of the Gundam history in this context. America has Paul and Gates and Apple, so computer nerds. But Japan has gigantic battle robots, so they have robotic nerds.


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