Concerning the Lack of Updates

I’ve never gone this long without a post; so, at this point, I think this is owed to those people who come to The Null Set to read my ramblings. If you’re not interested in reading non-content stuff, the long and short of it is that I hope to get back to semi-regular anime with a little SF throw in posting.

My Mom is Polish/Ukrainian (if the stories are true [and they probably aren’t], she’s descended from minor noble Polish blood) and has a long family history of heart attacks and strokes being what kills. On the list of things that she didn’t have to worry about was cancer because no one in her family ever got it, so, what does my Mom get diagnosed with at the end of July? … You guessed it, cancer; specifically, breast cancer.

No big deal, they tell us – it’s just one tiny lump. So, start of August she has surgery to remove the lump. They then test the samples they took to make sure they got it all and discovered she has a second type of cancer, a type that mammograms don’t pick up and she’s probably had it for a couple of years. So, two weeks after the first surgery, she’s back for round 2. Further testing reveals she’s got four small spots of cancer in her bones around her spinal column.

The prognosis is good her doctors tell her; they say she’ll probably live at least another 15 years and die of something completely unrelated to her cancer, though, she’ll have to have it monitored the rest of her life.

I needed to and wanted to spring into dependable, oldest child mode. My sisters and Dad accompanied her to the doctor appointments and the surgeries and I stepped in to do tasks she needed to do but couldn’t. For example, growing up, I would have laughed at you if you told me I’d ever do my Mom’s laundry for her but there I was the day after her second surgery, a laundry day, doing my Mom’s laundry for her.

My Mom could convincingly be termed a nerd. As a kid she read her older brother’s comic books but it wasn’t until the last 15 or so years that she’s had the time and opportunity to turn to the dark side. It started with the film trilogy of Lord of the Rings, by the third one she needed to the see the movie on the day it opened. She read the books and The Hobbit. She got into the superhero movies of the past decade. Last year, I got her hooked on Doctor Who. So, almost every night of August and September, as she recuperated from the surgeries and needing a major pick-me-up, I procured episodes of Doctor Who for us to watch. If she showed a preference to something – she loves K-9 and Daleks – I made sure to include as many episodes/serials I could get. Matt Smith remains her (and my) favorite Doctor but she’s warmed to this new Doctor after seeing the past incarnations.

There have been other, happy, reasons for the lack of updates. One is that my youngest sister got engaged at the end of July and she wanted me to be part of her entourage as she went wedding dress shopping. It didn’t take too many trips for her to find a really lovely dress.

I have continued to watch anime as I could find time but for so many of the summer season shows I fell far enough behind that I missed that window where I could discuss them and it not feel odd. As we get into the fall season, I’m still trying to finish off the summer season (I’ve got about half-a-dozen left) and have only sampled a few of my fall season must watch anime series. I might not pick up as many trashy light novel adaptations this season just to keep things manageable. I did sign up for Reverse Thieve’s Secret Santa Project and am already blocking out posts for the 12 Days of Anime, so, December should be covered 🙂 .

Since I’m being so meta, I might as well mention that earlier this year I joined which is a turn-based game website. It has the games one expects on sites like it – chess, checkers, backgammon, etc. – but it also has the board game Risk (called Domination) along with many other games. Growing up, I loved playing Risk but didn’t have anyone who would play it with me. The number of games and types they offer is truly amazing, they even offer Rock, Paper, Scissors. Recently, I’ve been getting into Senet; it’s a game from ancient Egypt and considered one of the oldest known board games. I’m open to game invites for anything and go by the name (steelbound) there – I needed the parenthesizes since someone 10 years ago took my name and didn’t even bother for finish a single game.

So, there you go. Hopefully, I’ll be back very soon with something anime related.


2 thoughts on “Concerning the Lack of Updates”

  1. That game website is interesting, and its site looks welcoming–donning that 90’s to 2000’s look–and making me feel like a child eager to try it out.

    Yeah, I really do want to try it out. Will sign up there now.


  2. @miharusshi: Now: Concerning the lack of replying to comments, sorry for the slow response.

    I think it’s more like the site hasn’t changed layouts since it first started 15 years ago but, yes, I also thought the site layout made the site a more welcoming place then what website designs typically feel like now.


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