The Late Spring Season Garden Report

I’m feeling kinda meh about anime right now.  Summer season looks like it’ll be a great time to watch some of those anime series I really should get to already. The Spring season is what it is at this point and nothing there is really inspiring me to write right now. The biggest story out of the spring season now appears to be – People shouldn’t have doubted Kyoto Animation, Hibike! Euphonium is another great series in a long line of great series by KyoAni. The second biggest story is probably – Never discount Mappa, Punchline was a much better series then we all thought it would be. Or to rephrase that, Noitamina squeaks by another season as still having some shred of credibility intact.

Since anime is not generating the posts, I thought I’d cover the other reason why I’ve been kinda scarce around here: June is the true start of gardening season. The focus today will be on the vegetable garden.


Type: Nelson
Supplier: Pinetree Seeds
Price: $1.75 for 200 seeds
Planted: May 26, 2015

June 6th


June 15th

carrot_0615Germination rate was okay. I hate to thin so I try to plant the seeds such that they don’t need thinned but that does lead to open spots as a result. Logistics and the weather slowed how quickly I was able to plant the carrots this year. Hopefully, they’ll be able to stand up to more of summer this year.


Type: Sabre
Supplier: Jung Seeds
Price: $2.15 for 1.5 ounce packet
Planted: April 18, 2015

May 20th

peas_0520June 6th

peas_0606June 15th

peas_0615Germination rate was only about 50% but, now that the pea plants are full size,  I’m glad I didn’t get more seeds to germinate. Also, that pea pod you see on the right in the June 6th picture, I picked that yesterday and boiled up the 9 individual peas that were in it – they were delicious.


Type: Bodacious RM (se+)
Supplier: Jung Seeds
Price: $2.75 for packet
Planted: May 30th, 2015

June 6th

corn_0606June 15th

corn_0615Corn germinated at 100% or very, very near to perfect. I’m thinking knee high by the 4th is looking totally plausible at this point.


Type: Jade
Supplier: Pinetree Seeds
Price: $1.75 for 150 seeds
Planted: May 30th, 2015

June 6th

bean_0606June 15th

bean_0615Something ate a few beans and the germination wasn’t the greatest so I threw another dozen or so seeds in between the 6th and 15th.


Type: Hijinks
Supplier: Jung Seeds
Price: $3.75 for 25 seeds
Planted: May 30th, 2015

June 6th

pumpkin_0606June 15th

pumpkin_0615Once again, near perfect germination. The extra seed we bought this year will be used next year.

Type: Weeeeeone Mini-pumpkin
Supplier: Jung Seeds
Price: $3.95 for 25 seeds
Planted: May 30th, 2015

June 15th

Weeeeeone_0615Just for kicks, I planted two Weeeeeone seeds in this bucket that were 2 years old (meant for the 2013 planting season) and were extra leftovers. They both germinated.

Type: Casperita White Mini-pumpkin
Supplier: Jung Seeds
Price: —
Planted: May 30th, 2015

June 15th

casperita_0615The seeds used were left over from last year and had very good germination (right hand pot) with 5 of 7 seeds germinating. Incidentally, that’s lettuce in the left hand pot. I’m not a fan of lettuce so that’s all I’m going to say about it 🙂 .


Type: Kennebec
Supplier: Local Garden Center
Price: ~ $0.90/pound
Planted: May 12th, 2015

May 25th

potato_0525June 15th

potato_0615This is the first year I’ve tried growing potatoes. Five small seed potatoes were bought and planted, then covered with 4 inches of dirt. All five potatoes sent up two or three plants. Around June 10th dirt was hilled up around the plants and a layer of mulch added to the top. Hopefully, I’ll be harvesting some potatoes later this year.


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