Test Your Anime Knowledge – The Final Reckoning

As we close the book on the 2015 Winter anime season so to do we come to the end of the weekly anime quiz experiment here at The Null Set. On my end, as a way to help get through the dreary grey winter months, this experiment was a great success. I had fun coming up with questions, doing the necessary research (because I’d probably only have averaged ~10 – 11 questions right on each quiz), and generally keeping busy keeping these quizzes on track. I also came away with a deeper appreciation for the people involved in creating anime and have several new anime series I want to get to know. I also enjoyed reading the responses people gave and the conversations about the various anime that were started because they were featured in a question.

So, I definitely plan to bring the idea of featuring anime quizzes on The Null Set back at some point in the future. However, these quizzes were a little too good at keeping me busy and there were several posts I wanted to write that didn’t get written this season, as a result. Also, I’d hoped for more participation and want some time to reflect on ways to improve these quizzes to garner more attention. And on that front, to anyone reading this if you have any constructive criticism about these quizzes – the questions were too easy, too tough, prefer more multiple-choice questions, more questions per week, or less, switch to longer monthly quizzes, focus on one area at a time, etc. – I’d love to hear it.

For this final quiz I also added a few more questions then the normal 15 because that way I’ll have asked a cumulative of 200 questions. So, without further ado, let’s start the quiz.

Question 1: Name the anime that features these three characters – Takashi Natsume, Kogitsune, Touko Fujiwara.

Question 2: Name the anime that features these three characters – Leorio Paladiknight, Pariston Hill, Hisoka.

Refer to the following picture for questions 3 – 4.

anime_quiz_13_01Question 3: Name two of these four anime series.

Question 4: These four series share a locational connection. What is it?

Question 5: This clip features a stylistic trademark of a renowned Japanese animator who is responsible for animating some of the best recent anime fight scenes. Name either the original famous animator or what this trademark scene is called.

anime_quiz_13_02Question 6: Each of these anime takes place in a distinct historical period in Japan’s past, though some of the details might be jumbled up for artistic purposes. Arrange these five anime series from the one that takes place during the oldest time period through to the most recent one.

Refer to the following picture for questions 7 – 8.

anime_quiz_13_03Question 7: Name two of these four anime series.

Question 8: These four series share an organizational connection. What is it?

anime_quiz_13_04Question 9: These four anime series began airing in what season?

(A) Fall 2013                           (C) Spring 2010

(B) Spring 2012                      (D) Fall 2011

anime_quiz_13_05Question 10: What is the name of this mythical Japanese creature that frequently appears in anime?

anime_quiz_13_06Question 11: Arrange these five anime series by the number of episodes of their TV series from least to most. For the purposes of this question, if there are multiple versions or multiple seasons of the pictured anime use only the series with the greatest amount of episodes.

Question 12: Name the anime series that used the episode title “The Lights in the Sky Are Stars” for episode 27, it’s last episode.

Refer to the following picture for questions 13 – 14.

anime_quiz_13_07Question 13: Each of these four series belongs to one of the four demographics in Japanese manga/anime: shounen, shoujo, josei, and seinen. Match the series to the correct intended demographic.

Question 14: These four series share an organizational connection. What is it?

anime_quiz_13_08Question 15: Arrange these movies by Hayao Miyazaki from oldest produced to newest.

anime_quiz_13_09Question 16: Name the Japanese seiyuu that voiced these four characters.

anime_quiz_13_10Question 17: Name the Japanese seiyuu that voiced these four characters.

Question 18: The song “Inner Universe” is an opening song to which anime?

Question 19: Here’s the direct link. Listen to this short clip of an anime song. What anime used this as an ending song?

Question 20: Here’s the direct link. Listen to this short clip of an anime song. What anime used this as an opening song?

Come back on Friday to find out the answers to these questions and more.


3 thoughts on “Test Your Anime Knowledge – The Final Reckoning”

  1. I, too, had great fun answering these quizzes! I learned a lot (but I reckon I still really need to read more so I can recall stuff more easily). Thank you for the hard work! I really hope that more people participate the next time you’ll be writing anime quizzes. Hehehe

    1) Natsume Yuujinchou (is this a particular season?)
    2) Hunter X Hunter (2011)!!!
    3) A – Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei (for some reason, I just really like using the Japanese title instead of the English one) B – Kyousougiga
    Only two? First time
    4) Kyoto
    5) Yutaka Nakamura! (finally, someone I know hehe)
    6) (Uh oh. My knowledge on historical is rather limited. Plus, I’m not sure with Samurai Champloo’s setting since it looks futuristic and I have yet to watch it. Here goes my best guess) E, A, C, B, D
    7) C – Chihayafuru, D – Aoi Bungaku
    8) Madhouse
    9) D (Oh my, I can’t fathom how in the world GC began airing at the same time as HxH)
    10) Kappa
    11) D, E, B, C, A
    12) Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Ouch. That just sent mt into a maelstrom of nostalgia. Help.)
    13) A – josei, B – shounen, C – seinen, D – shoujo
    14) Hmm. I dunno.
    15) Won’t attempt on this one. I haven’t seen all of Miyazaki’s works.
    16) KENN ( ❤ )
    17) The moe old man. Hmm. I forgot his name x_x
    18) I dunno
    19) Clannad
    20) I dunno.


  2. Ah, the last quiz isn’t even in the books yet, and I’m feeling the nostalgia already!

    1. Natsume’s Book of Friends
    2. ??
    3. Don’t know those. I remember C coming up in a prior quiz, but can’t remember what it was called
    4. ??
    5. ??
    6. E, A, C, B, D
    7. A is Paranoia Agent, B is Kaiba (that one I do remember from a prior quiz)
    8. ??
    9. D
    10. Kappa
    11. D, E, B, C, A
    12. Gurren Lagann
    13. A=jōsei, B=shōnen, C=seinen, D=shōjo
    14. Aniplex?
    15. E, B, D, A, C. Believe it or not, I just watched Spirited Away for the first time last month. That had been one of the biggest gaping holes in my “anime fan” resume for a long time.
    16. ??
    17. ??
    18. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
    19. Clannad (definitely one of the more uniquely memorable endings out there)
    20. don’t know, but I like it!


  3. @miharusshi: Yes, only two. Asking for two or three makes the question slightly easier and allows me to use the slightly more obscure anime without worrying about the question being an automatic partially wrong answer.

    I like how “Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei” looks for some reason but there’s something about the English title that I just love typing.

    @Jim D.: There always seems like there’s a list of anime that needs to be gotten to.


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