Test Your Anime Knowledge – Anime Quiz 9

New month! Spring is almost here, though, around here winter wanted to remind us that it’s not over yet by dumping 7 inches of snow on us yesterday.

Before we get to this week’s quiz I wanted to mention that I have started an ask.fm account and it can be found here. I hope it will turn into a great supplement to The Null Set. I’m open to just about any question. Definitely ask the anime questions and/or science fiction questions. Topics like politics and religion and the like – which I try to steer clear of on this blog – are fair game over there; just remember to be polite and respectful and I’ll promise to be polite and respectful back. I’m even open to some light personal questions because who I am as a reviewer of anime is influenced and framed by me, no matter how objective I try to be, and I think getting a better handle on who I am will help those reading weigh what I write better. I just never felt that I should devote much blog space for this personal information. For instance, I already answered a question about my favorite movie and after some thought I realized that The Blues Brothers is my favorite movie and I believe that shows that I can value a comedy on the same level as a drama.

You should also check my ask.fm page out for the cool background I put together; it’s the reason why I didn’t have the time to finish my top 10 shows of 2014 post last week 🙂 .

And now, here’s this weeks anime quiz.

Question 1: Name the anime that features these three characters – Yui Hirasawa, Ritsu Tainaka, Mio Akiyama.

Question 2: Name the anime that features these three characters – Kanako Miyamae, Matsurika Shinouji, Mariya Shidou.

Refer to the following picture for questions 3 – 5.

anime_quiz_09_01Question 3: Name these four anime series.

Question 4: Each of these four series belongs to one of the four demographics in Japanese manga/anime: shounen, shoujo, josei, and seinen. Match the series to the correct intended demographic.

Question 5: Arrange these four anime series by the number of episodes of their TV series from least to most.

anime_quiz_09_02Question 6: These four characters share a personality trait. What is it?

anime_quiz_09_03Question 7: These four anime series began airing in what season?

(A) Fall 2011                           (C) Fall 2010

(B) Spring 2011                      (D) Summer 2010

anime_quiz_09_screenshot_01Question 8: The spring 2015 anime season is rapidly approaching. One way to help judge if an anime series is worth watching is by the animation studio who is animating it. It’s often possible to figure this out just by looking at the publicity picture. This and the following three questions relate to these yet to air series. What animation studio is animating this series?

anime_quiz_09_screenshot_02Question 9: What animation studio is animating this new series?

anime_quiz_09_screenshot_03Question 10: What animation studio is animating this new series?

anime_quiz_09_screenshot_04Question 11: What animation studio is animating this new series?

anime_quiz_09_04Question 12: Name the Japanese seiyuu that voiced these four characters.

anime_quiz_09_05Question 13: Name the Japanese seiyuu that voiced these four characters.

Question 14: The song ” Forces” is an ending song to which anime?

Question 15: The song ” Orange” is an ending song to which anime?

The answers to these questions will be posted on Friday.


4 thoughts on “Test Your Anime Knowledge – Anime Quiz 9”

  1. Welcome to ask, steelbound!

    1) K-ON!
    2) Maria+Holic
    3) A – Azumanga Daioh (still one of my all-time favorite SOL anime; Timeless)
    B – Kuragehime (Still need to watch this one D: )
    C – Monster (OH YES)
    D – Revolutionary Girl Utena (copy-paste: Still need to watch this one D: )
    4) A – Shounen, B – Shoujo, C – Seinen, D – Josei (not so sure)
    5) B, A, D, C
    6) love for donuts! (only know Aoi’s and Shinobu’s)
    7) B
    8) Madhouse (?)
    9) KyoAni
    10) Lerche (?)
    11) J.C. Staff
    12) Yuuki Aoi (one of my favorite seiyuu whom I watched from her humble beginnings. I’m proud of her, though I don’t show it.)
    13) Fukuyama Jun (finally!)
    14) Dunno
    15) BLEACH


  2. Hmm, guess I’ll have to find an excuse to leave you a question sometime.

    1. K-On
    2. Maria-Holic
    3. A is Azumanga Daioh, B is Princess Jellyfish, C is Monster, D is Revolutionary Girl Utena
    4. Azumanga Daioh is Shounen, Princess Jellyfish is Josei, Monster is Seinen, and Utena is Shoujo
    5. B, A, D, C. Guessing on Monster – it’s the only one I don’t know for sure
    6. Love of donuts? I know Vash is a donut freak, and I think I heard somewhere that Aoi is too. Then again, who isn’t?
    7. A) Fall 2011? I know it was 2011 but can’t remember which one
    8. A-1. Just guessing here, probably wrong
    9. Kyoto Animation. Even if Euphonium wasn’t already on my PTW list, I’d recognize them anywhere
    10. Bones. Less sure on this one – reminds me a bit of Madhouse too, but I’m just getting more of a “Bones” vibe from it.
    11. JC Staff. I own several series by them, including RGU and Toradora, so I’m very familiar with their style.
    12. Don’t Know
    13. Don’t Know
    14. Don’t Know
    15. Toradora (yay! only my second-favorite anime ever)


  3. @TheAtarashiiGuy: Thanks for your answer, you’re probably being too hard yourself – it’s okay to guess.

    @miharusshi: I’ve had Jun Fukuyama on my list to definitely include from the beginning. Doing these quizzes I’ve been surprised by just how many “well-known” seiyuu there are out there. I don’t think I’ll get to them all before the planned end of 13 quizzes.

    @Jim D.: I could see that about Madhouse instead of Bones, there is alot of cross company work between the two.


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