The 12 Days of Anime Christmas – Day 6: That Cameo

The longer one remains an anime fan, the greater the number of shows that seem to be only remembered by one’s self.

Eight Six years ago (my how time flies), a series called Ga-Rei: Zero aired. It was an anime original series that functioned as a prequel to the Ga-Rei manga. It was a complete surprise and I ended up ranking it #5 on my top of 2008 list.

Time passed. I still have fond memories of it but with each passing year I heard less and less mentions of it. We get to 2014 and Tokyo ESP is getting made into an anime, which comes from the same author of Ga-Rei. I don’t have high hopes for Tokyo ESP because I’d heard many people say that Ga-Rei:Zero was a far superior series to Ga-Rei. I give it a shot, however, and what do I see in the first episode? An extended cameo, from which the above screenshot was taken, of the two main characters in Ga-Rei: Zero.

Turns out I had an even stronger affection for Ga-Rei: Zero then I thought because seeing those two together really made me feel happy/sad/elated and it might even have gotten a little dusty in the room. I was further enthused when I saw the number of people mention and gush over the Ga-Rei: Zero cameo. It wasn’t nearly as forgotten as I feared it would be.

So that is the moment I pick for today and by the way, if you haven’t seen Ga-Rei: Zero, I highly recommend it with the additional admonishment of trying it without spoiling one’s self before watching, trust me, it’s worth it.

And Tokyo ESP? It did turn out being rather generic in comparison to Ga-Rei: Zero and I dropped it after 5 episodes.


3 thoughts on “The 12 Days of Anime Christmas – Day 6: That Cameo”

  1. Ga-rei Zero was one of my first anime, and I still love it today (I even rated it a 10, that’s how much I love it even though I vaguely remember the specifics in the story). I, too, had mixed feelings when I saw the duo’s cameo. I was very happy because it’s Yomi and Kagura in 2014! But I also felt sad and there’s no need to mention why. Regardless, seeing them in Tokyo ESP was a little special moment that delighted me, more so as it was unexpected.


  2. I liked the series – it featured one of the most surprising first episodes ever! Also, I liked the OP

    PS Please let me know how can I use your time traveling machine and meet you in 2016! 😛


  3. @Kitsune: Thanks for the catch. I wrote this entry up a half hour before bed and I was focusing my quickly diminishing proofreading skills to making sure my sentences sounded coherent. :).


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