The 12 Days of Anime Christmas – Day 5: Shooting the Breeze

In the song 12 Days of Christmas the fifth day is always the one people take a breath on and is also the second most memorable day behind the first day. To honor that I’m picking for today my second favorite moment which just happens to feature people taking a break.

The moment in question is from episode 11 of Ping Pong. (Yes I know this is the second time I’m talking about Ping Pong in the span of 5 days but it was the second best anime of the year behind Hunter x Hunter and I’m going to attempt to keep mentions of Hunter x Hunter down to a total of three days.)

Right before the musical montage that I talked about for Day 2 there is a short scene where the two coaches and the head of Poseidon, which is a ping pong equipment supplier, are hanging out in the corridor outside of the tournament hall and just shooting the breeze. The animators flash the above screenshot of the three of them when they were much younger doing the same thing as ping pong players and it was this flashback that really affected me.

It’s hard to articulate exactly why, though. Is it because it shows the power of keeping up with friendships through one’s life? Is it because it makes the point that old people don’t see themselves as merely old people and maybe we youngsters shouldn’t either? Is it that time has taken it’s toll on each one but they’re still there and still kicking? Or that I hope when I’m that old there’ll be people around who I can shoot the breeze with and reminisce about better days? Or is it the depiction of nostalgia and it’s power? Maybe it’s all the above, it did stick with me as strongly as it did after all.

Tomorrow I promise a moment that isn’t about Ping Pong or Hunter x Hunter 🙂 .


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