The 12 Days of Anime Christmas – Day 1: Like a Junkyard Dog

This is going to end spectacularly bad 😛 . Last year I had most of my twelve days of Christmas posts and my Secret Santa review written at this point of the month. This year I have nothing ready. So, if I am spectacularly lucky and can get through these 12 Days of Christmas this will be the third year of participating 🙂 .

For today I am going back to February of this year and start with what turned out to be my favorite moment from anime in 2014 – Hunter x Hunter episode 116 where Gon faces Pitou.

I knew going into episode 116 that this episode was going to be special; it was beginning to dawn on me that Hunter x Hunter might just be the best written manga/anime of all time. What still hadn’t been drilled into my head enough was the people adapting Hunter x Hunter were skilled enough and committed enough to do the series justice.

megumi_hanAt a cute 5’1″ (155 cm) Megumi Han followed in the foot steps of many a female vocal actor who voice young male characters, in this case the 12 – 13 year old Gon. She did such a good job making Gon sound chipper and innocent that early on I believed Hunter x Hunter would be a fluff shounen series about friendship, working hard, ponies and friendship.

By episode 116 Gon was angry, very very angry, and I knew that sparks would fly when Gon confronted Pitou; but, I did not expect to hear Megumi Han turn Gon into the terrifying predator to end all predators. Gone was the cheerful young kid. In his place I heard a creature that contained the furiosity and malice of a junkyard dog, the strength of a grizzly bear, the speed of an alligator, the cunning of a panther, the bloodlust of a great white shark, and the patience of a spider.

To this day that voice is etched into my memory and when I remember it I can feel my fight or flight response kick in and scream at me to get very, very far away.

3 thoughts on “The 12 Days of Anime Christmas – Day 1: Like a Junkyard Dog”

  1. It is a strong statement and I say it without hyperbole. I think this in part because of what it would take to beat out Hunter x Hunter. I think Yoshihiro Togashi took some serious time to lay out the story in detail before starting the manga because everything builds on each other so closely. For shorter series, they just don’t have the allotted space to compete and longer series often don’t have the time to polish the writing because they’re meeting a constant weekly deadline (which is why I think most of Togashi’s breaks occur – he’s working on the story to HxH).

    It’s like how JRR Tolkien spent 15 years writing LOTR and nothing in that genre has been able to touch it since.


  2. It sounds like the author took the time to carefully outline the story, and the results really show the excellent outcome of all that hard work. I should find the time to watch it.


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