Majimoji Rurumo ep. 6 – *Dropped*

I am not pleased. Majimoji Rurumo no longer deserves its own screenshots.

Normally, I’d leave discussing why I dropped a series for the mid-season post or season review post because, much like a child, one shouldn’t reinforce bad behavior by drawing attention to it. However, episode 6 of Majimoji Rurumo really got my blood boiling and I’m not going to be satisfied with just burying it amongst all the praise I’ll have for other series like Sabagebu! and Barakamon at a later point; so, here we are.

Majimoji Rurumo, for those that don’t know, is an anime that falls into the sub-genre of series that feature a healthy dose of light to moderate fan service and comedy built on top of the bones of a more serious story. Sora no Otoshimono (Heaven’s Lost Property) was a great example of how to successfully create such a series. Majimoji Rurumo is no Sora no Otoshimono but it was doing okay. The thing I liked most about it was it’s character designs and it was this that convinced me to give the show a chance, even though JC Staff was animating.

Then episode 6 came along.

The main character finds a box of kittens and, through various contrived reasons and random occurrences, the show decides to kill one the kittens at the end of episode then proceeds to show us the preview for next week’s beach episode with all the bouncing fan service one expects.

W … T … F   JC Staff !?!! I know you’re a fourth rate animation company but do you have try so hard to prove your incompetence. There was zero reasons why that kitten had to be killed and then to run that preview was just infuriating.

So I’m dropping Majimoji Rurumo with extreme prejudice. The emotional reason is because I’m not cool with what this series just tried to do. The analytic aniblogger reason is to state that the writing of this series cannot handle the tonal shifts required of it and the animating company lacks the talent to fix this for the anime.

Thank Cart Driver, just what I needed


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