Shocking and Outrageous Development in Milky Holmes Season 3

Long time, no see everyone. 🙂 I’ve been working on a couple more substantial posts lately but I couldn’t pass up mentioning the latest episode of Milky Holmes Season 3 aka the Let’s gut Milky Holmes of everything remotely good and replace it with nothing Season.

Now, it’s true that this season of Milky Holmes has been a huge disappointment so far but episode 11 saw our two main characters introduce a new direction to the show that just might salvage this season.

Per my anti-spoiling policy I’ll be tucking the rest of this post below the fold so I won’t accidentally spoil future readers perusing this blog.

Look at this screenshot …


Our main characters just exchanged blue feathers with each other!!

I seriously didn’t see this show going in that direction. Though, personally, I think they’re a bit young to get married but who am I to judge. I do, however, have to applaud the show’s creators for going in such an unexpected direction because, really, there needs to be more anime that involve characters getting married.

Then again maybe I’m reading too much into this screenshot. Maybe the animators are trying to derive some fun from animating a lousy anime coupled with a recent watching of this fake Harvest Moon movie trailer on my part made me jump to a wrong conclusion. I don’t know; what do you think?


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