Trying Out a New Gif Maker On A Few Recent Favorite Animated Scenes


For awhile now, on my list of things to do in conjunction with this blog, has been the task of finding a newer and better gif maker because the one I had been using was over a decade old and rather tedious to use. Not wanting to spend a bunch of time looking around, I grabbed the first one I saw that was free and capable of working with any file format and was probably adware/virus-free.

Ten minutes later, with gif maker in-hand, I needed something to try it out with.

The results are tucked below the fold to save some bandwidth for future browsers.

I chose a couple of scenes of rather minor importance that still happened to catch my eye every time I saw them. The first is from the opening of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo.


I love all the small details that give a sense of motion as she swooshes into place. Speaking of motion, the next scene I picked was from the opening of recently completed Yuyushiki.


This short little scene always put a smile on my face and I kept trying to figure out why until I realized the animation was allowing my neurons to mirror the crystal clear sense of happiness coming from this scene.

The next scene I picked was from the opening of Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san.


For lack of a better word I call this “Gainax-style” animation. I know there’s a better term for it, especially since the animation studio Tatsunoko is behind the animation, but this amateur doesn’t not know what. Incidentally, Tatsunoko is also animating the upcoming Gatchaman Crowds that begins airing this summer. If they plan to continue using “Gainax-style” animation then Gatchaman Crowds will probably be a must watch.

The final gif is from episode 12 of Hataraku Maou-sama!.


I freakin’ loved how this scene was animated. The little hitch in the kick to allow the guy to fall into the right place was an awesome touch. The crisp explosion to the kick’s animation really conveyed how much power was behind the kick. The next time I have to sit through another anemically drawn action scene I’ll go back to this gif to remind me how it should be done.


3 thoughts on “Trying Out a New Gif Maker On A Few Recent Favorite Animated Scenes”

  1. Shingeki no Kyojin’s ending episode traveling first person fps shots were nice. One of the better ways visual novels capture the reader’s attention is with first person perspective harmonizations.


  2. Are you sure you’re using that right? Those GIF files are enormous. I’ve recently been creating anims by using Flash, and my flash files are smaller than your GIFs for equivalent length.


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