Remember to Get Your Nominations in for the Animusic Tourney and, Incidentally, Here are my Picks to Help Jog Your Memory


Since those reading this are probably already aware of the impending start of the Animusic Tournament, I’m writing only to remind people that the time to nominate their favorite OP/ED/insert songs is fast running out.

To help those that haven’t filled out their nominations yet let me help you with a look at the 15 songs I nominated after an exhaustive search through my anime music collection.  🙂

1. Gurren Lagann – “Libera me” from Hell – 2007, insert

2. Neon Genesis Evangelion – Cruel Angel Thesis – 1995, OP

3. FLCL – Ride on Shooting Star – 2000, ED

4. Paranoia Agent – Yume no Shima Shinen Kouen – 2004, OP

5. Moon Phase – Neko Mimi Mode – 2004, OP

6. Clannad – Dango Daikazoku – 2007, ED

7. Last Exile – Cloud Age Symphony – 2003, OP

8. Only Yesterday – Love is a Flower, You are the Seed – 1991, ED

9. K-On! – Tenshi ni Fureta yo! – 2010, insert

10. Kaiba – Never – 2008, OP

11. Katanagatari – Bahasa Palus – 2010, insert

12. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei – Ringo Mogire Beam – 2009, OP

13. Maria+holic – Hanaji – 2009, OP

14. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei – Kuusou Rumba – 2008, OP

15. Air – Tori no Uta – 2004, OP

The only fixed criteria I had was that the whole song had to be great. Granted, most 1.5 minute snippets of the songs used for the OP/ED reflect the overall quality of the song but not always, which is always such a disappointing development when that happens. There were other criteria that I was tempted to use; but, I disregarded these in the end. For example, I didn’t make it a requirement that the accompanying video for an OP/ED had to excellent but many of my picks – like the OP from Paranoia Agent and Maria+holic – are as memorable for the video as for the song.

Looking over my final picks I can’t help but pick out a few themes running through.

  • The first is the concentrations around a few animation studios. The top three songs all come from series animated by Gainax, Kyoto Animation nabbed three spots as well – 6, 9, 15 – and Shaft took four – 5, 12, 13, 14.
  • The second is the uneven breakdown of where the songs came from. I had initially thought to use quotas to make sure I picked songs from all three sources (OP,ED, insert) but I decided to judge these songs solely on their merits. The result was that only 3 insert songs and 3 ending songs were picked, with the other 9 spots being earned by opening songs.
  • The third theme is the slightly older age of my list compared to many of the other lists I’ve seen. I did not intentionally dismiss the more recent stuff; instead, I think this is more of a reflection of the relationships I’ve developed over the years with the songs on list.

I hope my list helped jog the memories of, at least, a few people reading this; which, in turn, will convince a few people to vote for these songs.


3 thoughts on “Remember to Get Your Nominations in for the Animusic Tourney and, Incidentally, Here are my Picks to Help Jog Your Memory”

  1. In looking at my list, there’s quite a few from older series that will more or less pepper mine, and hopefully those stand a chance against some of the newer fare. It’s always easy to forget some of the classics as the newer stuff comes around to grab our attention, so I’ll be curious to see just how well the oldies can stand up.


  2. @ymarsakar: Yeah, who knew the two went together?

    @zzeroparticle: I’m also curious as well to see how the older songs hold up against the newer stuff. I wonder if, even though many people didn’t nominate the older songs, when something from last season goes up against the likes of Cruel Angel Thesis or “Libera me” from Hell that people will side with the older – and probably better – songs.


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