Hyouge Mono – 28: Wait, How Old Are You?


Favorite Screenshot – There’s been Warrior Sasuke and Aesthetic Sasuke but this episode introduced us to Entrepreneur Sasuke. All he needed was to be living during modern times and the utter conviction and driving energy he displayed, while talking about his product, would make him perfect to host self-help or get-rich-quick seminars.

Episode 28 of Hyouge Mono was most excellent.

As this series starts nearing the end, what the various story threads are and how they’re connected are becoming more clear. This episode was so good because it touched about pretty much all of them in the span of one episode.

We start the episode off with a look at the feudal lord that is preparing to go to war against Hideyoshi and pretty much almost all the rest of Japan. He’s entertaining an aesthetic that has been Easter Island-kun rival. This fact will likely play an important in the future.


Before the drums of war start Sasuke is entrusted with a very important task by the warlord Tokagawa – his son is to wed to Hideyoshi’s daughter to strengthen the bonds between the two clans and he wants his son educated in the ways of the aesthetic before the wedding.




Wait did you just say 10?!?


Yes he did. That beats anything Shingeki no Kyojin had to offer.

Elsewhere, Hideyoshi’s grip on power is already pretty weak and, with his more political savvy brother on his death bed, I have a feeling Hideyoshi is going to make a political mistake that will come back to bite him in the butt.


Of course, Hideyoshi seems most concerned about popping out a few more kids and he’s on the prowl.




Speaking of Easter Island-kun (whose real name is Master Rikyuu), he seems to have found his aesthetic grove again.





And this doesn’t sit well with this pasty white dude (whose name I’ve forgotten).



While he goes and broods, Hyouge Mono returns to Sasuke as he goes off to war. Earlier in the series he welcome war and did some very stupid things during various battles to help secure his future but, now that he’s secured this future, he’s quite worried for himself.


Flies are rather bothersome.



We end this episode focused back on the pasty white dude as he monologues to himself.



With the final scene showing him reading from a book about tea ceremonies written by Easter Island-kun’s rival who we saw at the beginning of the episode meeting with rebel warlord.


I can’t wait to see how pasty white dude intends to get rid of Easter Island-kun.


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