Hyouge Mono – 27: Sasuke Get’s His Mojo Back


Favorite screenshot from this episode – Time and again Sasuke reminds the viewers just how obsessed he is about tea and how it colors the rest of his life. Even when he’s supposedly given up on being an aesthetic, he can’t stop thinking about it.

Last episode seemed like a set-up episode and this episode confirmed it. Things keep going Hideyoshi’s way with the latest good news being that his concubine, Madame Chacha, is pregnant.

He’s so happy one of his fake mustaches popped off.


This puts Hideyoshi in an extremely happy mood to the point that he starts giving money out to his top lords.


Sasuke gets a sizable amount and I can’t wait to see how he decides to spend it. Also at this point is the moment that Easter Island-kun asks if he could relieved of his position. Hideyoshi forbids it and I have a feeling that Easter Island-kun doesn’t really want to quit because now he has a degree of job security by having Hideyoshi expressly command him to stay on.



It’s this job security that allows Easter Island-kun to express his change in aesthetical outlook that was born out of the conversation he had in the last episode. This change manifests in the tea ceremony he invites Sasuke to.





Sasuke can’t believe it; nor what comes next.

I thought your name was Easter Island-kun.





This gets Sasuke’s mind working and later when Sasuke invites Easter Island-kun to a tea ceremony. He does a bit of philosophizing before announcing a money-making scheme he wants Easter Island-kun to help out on.





It will be very interesting to see how this scheme plays out in the future episodes. The episode concludes by reminding us how delicate Hideyoshi’s hold on power actually is.


He’s not very forgiving. He demands that the police find the perp and



Ain’t he lovely. Like I said, I don’t think he’s going to be around much longer.


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