Hyouge Mono – 26: Black Teeth are So Moé


Favorite screenshot from this episode – There was a real dearth of quality reaction faces in this episode so I went with this one of Hideyoshi. Even though he feels secure in his power, I sense his days are numbered and I’m going to miss his black teeth.

Elsewhere, many of the characters can feel the storm that is coming and this leads to moments of reflection and planning. Easter Island-kun visits his master and newly declared top aesthetic of Japan and receives a dressing-down.





Sasuke, still smarting from Easter Island-kun’s remarks at the end of last episode, has been sulking in his home.


He’s also figured out how to finally pay off his debt to Tokugawa – a supply of sake that Tokugawa swoons over.



This will assuredly help Sasuke’s political fortunes later when Tokugawa unites the country around him, assuming Sasuke’s smart enough to join Tokugawa.


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