Hyouge Mono 25 – You Will Wish You Could Unsee This

Favorite Sasuke screenshot from this episode.

For future viewers I will hide the “disturbing” screenshots below the fold. 🙂

Okay, before I get to what happened in this episode, let’s start with what is probably one of the most disturbing scenes I’ve ever seen in anime. Though anime has done a good job warping what I expect to see in anime 🙂 .


In this scene we have Hideyoshi, the second great unifier of Japan, throwing a giant tea party to showcase the cultural superiority of Japan. Now that his rein appears solidified he’s decided that he no longer needs Easter Island-kun (see next picture), known as one of the great cultural icons of the era.


Easter Island-kun has many supporters and they hatched a devious plan. They introduced Hideyoshi’s mother  –


to Easter Island-kun and this was the result.




This is how Hideyoshi responded:


which looked an awful lot like what I did. He, being the political savvy fellow he is, then realized what this meant to his plan to get rid of Easter Island-kun and this was how he took it:


Yeah, not happy.

While the above scene was seared into my brain, it wasn’t the only noteworthy scene from this episode. Sasuke Furuta has been very lucky through this show. He started off a mere messenger in the army but has weathered political storms to advance to the rank of daimyou. His luck, however, seems to have ran out in this episode.


In trying to win the top spot in the tea party contest he decided on a primitive theme to showcase his understanding of wabi-sabi (or “imperfection” as it’s translated to in the subs). This was the result.



Sasuke doesn’t take it well at all and decides to rededicate himself as a warrior and succeed as a good daimyou. I don’t know how long this change of heart will last, though.


It’s going to be hard to disappoint his son. (Who we last saw as a little kid many episodes ago and this helped drive home how much time this series is covering.) Sasuke reacts to his son thusly:


The episode ends with Sasuke contemplating life.


I suspect this kink in Sasuke’s path towards becoming a master aesthete will, ultimately, spur him to success and if I cared to spoil myself I could go to the archive at Star Crossed Anime Blog to see what happens next.

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