This is One of the Reasons Why I LOVE Space Brothers


Look at the attention to detail as seen in this screenshot.

The set-up is all the potential astronaut candidates have to take part in a survival training  exercise in teams of six. The instructor states, as is obvious from the screenshot, that he wanted to keep the various countries together for this training exercise.

Note, however, there is exactly one country that has it’s astronaut candidates split up – Canada – and not only that but each one got put into a group with five people from the USA. American’s common desire to mock and deride Canadians to some degree is something I’d expect to see in an American show not an anime series from Japan. Then again maybe someone in production is a fan of MST3K:

Stranger things have happened.

Either way I loved to see this and have enjoyed the attention to detail Space Brothers has shown in every facet of itself.


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