Hyouge Mono – 24


Hideyoshi, as the great unifier of Japan, is throwing a tea party to showcase Japan’s superior culture and everyone’s invited.


Date Masamune, being one of the lone holdouts to Hideyoshi, isn’t going but wishes he could. One person that does go is, of course, our main character Sasuke.


Where, no surprise, he sees something he wants.


Coveting isn’t the only thing Sasuke does at Hideyoshi’s tea party; he also is scheming to make sure his take on the tea ceremony is the most visited and talked about.

2 thoughts on “Hyouge Mono – 24”

  1. I’m at the 37 episode of Kingdom right now. It’s pretty good for a historical drama that does not have the true Chinese martial art techniques and power generation. The characters are quite rich in how they impact the world.

    I haven’t heard any mention of it here, so I assume you haven’t watched it?


  2. @ymarsakar: No, that one slipped past me. If it has strong, interesting characters then I might try to slip it in at some point. I do like historical series.


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