Merry Christmas In February (2013)


Long time readers of The Null Set will probably remember that at some point in February I make a post wishing everyone a Merry Christmas in February and today is that day for 2013. Merry Christmas in February! Now, may spring be on it’s way now.

For those that are scratching your heads, permit to explain. Every year my family would have a couple of containers of Christmas cookies left over after the Christmas season and they’d sit in the freezer until we’d get hungry for them (somewhere in February). It would feel a bit odd to just take them out on a random day so we started eating something special (a turkey we got super cheap at Thanksgiving time and froze, a couple of pounds of homemade kielbaszi we bought extra for Christmas, etc.) on one day in February and had the cookies for dessert. Once we started doing this it was only a short jump before my family started calling this meal “Christmas in February” and 16 years ago was our very first Christmas in February.

Then a couple of decorations (bought during the after Christmas clearances) got put up for our meal then a small pre-decorated tree was procured (also bought on clearance). A tree needs presents which led to every family member getting one small, inexpensive gift and when the small tree couldn’t handle the present load a bigger tree was bought (also on clearance).

This year instead of having specific presents for people we decided to have mystery prize bingo. We picked up a bunch of cheap items, wrapped them, and used them as the prizes for games won while the family and guests played bingo.  A couple of games we continued playing until everyone got a bingo so that no one went home empty-handed. It turned out to be a lot of fun doing it this way and we’re all looking forward to next year already 🙂 .

I love how stress-free this homemade holiday is compared to the real one. We even had a nice snowfall the night before so it really felt like Christmas.

Here’s some pictures:

What it looked like outside.
Getting ready to play Bingo.


This still isn’t all the Christmas cookies left.
Waiting for a bingo.



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