The Null Set is 5 Years Old – That’s Like 35 Years in Dog Years


Only a few hours late this year! 🙂

Five years ago, on January 21, 2008, I started The Null Set with the idea to cover anime and print science fiction so that fans of one would try the other and hopefully expand both fandoms. I pretty much failed at that but I did find many things to keep me blogging.

It turned out I really like the feeling from realizing there are actual people out there willing to read what I write and spend the time to comment back. (Unless, of course, my brain is in a box somewhere connected to computer network and I’ve been writing to a bunch computer sub-routines designed to fool me into thinking I’m alive.) I even somewhat like the feeling having to clean up spam comments because that means by some measure The Null Set is worth spamming.

I also became a better and deeper anime viewer. After starting The Null Set, I needed to start asking “why” when I would watch anime so that I’d have something to say; it wasn’t enough to just say I liked or disliked a certain anime. I needed reasons. I, also, pushed myself to try a wider variety of anime shows because I felt, and continue to feel, that the more rounded and complete I was in my viewing habits, the more truthful and correct I would be in what I wrote. Of course, personal biases and the like will play into whatever I write but, at least, if I say show X has the best action of the year there won’t be readers frothing at the mouth because shows A,B, C, D all had better action but I didn’t watch A, B, C, or D.

(Speaking of best action, I’m working on my Best of 2012, hoping I’ll be able to see the end of a couple shows before I finish my look back, and I can say with full certainty that anyone who picked either Fate/Zero or Sword Art Online for best action of the year is flat out wrong. Next year, watch more anime series and don’t let how pretty the backgrounds look confuse you.)

There’s other reasons to keep me blogging but I’m starting to ramble now. Suffice it to say that I see myself continuing to blog about anime (and the occasional SF piece) for the foreseeable future because anime still has the power to move me, entertain me, wow me, and make me think. As long as that remains true, I’ll be here. It helps that I’ve never promised a certain post rate. (Which seems to have chased some very good veteran bloggers out of anime blogging much to my dismay.)

This year was a pretty good year for The Null Set.

I did better then I thought I would in the Second Aniblog Tournament by making it into the top 32 before losing to a very strong opponent. I also participated in the Secret Santa Project that Reverse Thieves runs for a second year. I’ve also started to vote in kevo’s Weekly Anime Power Rankings done at Desu ex Machina. Also new this year was my participation in the 12 Days of Christmas Project and the Fantasy Anime League on MyAnimeList. After realizing how badly I picked my team, I’m happy that I finished 94th out of 199. I also just came off my busiest month since February 2009 and I hope this signals an upswing in posting by me.

Before I get to the boring part, I want to say a big THANK YOU! to everyone that reads The Null Set.

The boring part being a listing of stats that probably only a few people would find interesting. As of this post I have had:

  • 491 total posts
  • 1,342,437 total views
  • 2,202 comments and
  • 158,958 spam comments.
  • top all-time day was June 13,2012 with 4,676 views

My top ten posts of the last year are:

My Top 20 Anime of All-Time – #20 to #11 16,987
Film Review – Pixar’s UP 8,577
My Top 20 Anime of All-Time – #10 to #1 7,956
Explaining Why There’s So Many “Not Blood Related Sisters” and Harems in Anime 5,270
Clannad Wallpapers 3 4,855
Soul Eater Wallpaper 3 4,736
Wishing Everyone A Merry Christmas in February 3,720
Gurren Lagann Wallpaper 3,694
Bakemonogatari Wallpapers 3,001
5 Questions About Sword Art Online For Those Familiar With the Light Novels 2,758

If I had funny search terms that brought people here I’d include them but looking them over I really don’t have anything that funny :( .


Closing thought. In world line 1.048597, Robotics;Notes is actually good and I have written over 1,000 posts for The Null Set but peanut butter was never invented.

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