Round 4 of The Aniblog Tournament

I wasn’t planning on bringing up the Aniblog Tournament for this, my fourth round match-up, because I’d already succeeded in my goal for this tournament of not losing in my first match-up. However, earlier today when I checked the early vote amounts, it immediately became apparent that someone(s) felt like doing a bit of vote rigging seemingly in my favor and that greatly offends me.

It’s possible that my current feeling of umbrage are misplaced. It could be a bloc of voters has decided to get a weaker blog to advance (my previous vote total pales in comparison to that of, my opponent) or I secretly have that many people who wanted to vote me that quickly or maybe there’s a large group of people who actively dislike; but, I think the more likely cause was a fan of one of the two blogs trying to sway the voting or a troll looking to have some fun. No one, but the tourney staff, will know before the final tally is shown if ACORN was here or not.

In the meantime, this irritation that I’m feeling is making me want to do something in response; so, I might as well try to win my match-up.

If you already like this blog and know that you’d vote for The Null Set you can go here and vote for The Null Set. If, however, your unsure as to the worthiness of this blog, please read on.

If my opponent had been We Remember Love I would be telling those reading to vote for that blog because it is clearly the superior blog but sadly that is not case. (Why do so many great blogs don’t do nearly as good as they should?) Instead, I can say that The Null Set is the superior blog that deserves your vote for which blog you’d rather read.

Since your time is precious I’m going to condense my argument down to this – my blog features:




Cute babies and kids

Cute nephew is cute

plus a wider array of anime-related topics then my opponent. So, please, take a moment to go here and vote for The Null Set.

Thank you for your consideration.


6 thoughts on “Round 4 of The Aniblog Tournament”

  1. Oh don’t be so modest, I’m sure there’s 100+ people who read your blog and are willing to vote 🙂


  2. I voted for you as soon as poll opened (it was a coincidence though). Liked the crazy theories to explain the harems and cat girls. I didn’t know either blog but that caught my attention.


  3. I think there were ~60 fraud votes at the end (checking the poll 30 minutes after it opened, the score was something like 60-2), but they didn’t even bother to remove them 😛

    Congrats on getting this far anyways.


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