Best News About a Sequel In a Dreadfully Long Time

The tumbleweeds have been atumblin’ around here lately on account of a family vacation, gardening, trying to catch-up on a weeks worth of anime after said vacation, and the first public play test of the next generation of Dungeons and Dragons. Expect anime-related postings to begin shortly but before I get there I wanted the chance to squeal about this piece of sequel news. Namely …

Chihayafuru is getting a second season!

A recreation of my reaction –

I thought the apparent low disc sales was going to kill any chance for a second season but I guess those fears were unfounded. No word on when or for how long the second season will be but I’m sure there’s plenty of time for those that overlooked one of the best anime series from the last 12 months to go back and watch the first season of Chihayafuru in preparation for the second season.


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