When Anime and Politics Collide

Look into my eyes!

Political topics are an area I try to avoid (this one will only be the third post over the 4+ year history of The Null Set) but I’ve had this thought rattling around my brain for the last couple of months and I just can’t seem to forget it. Every time I hear Mitt Romney speak about voting for him all I hear is Kyubey trying to convince another unsuspecting victim to have their fondest wish granted and get the chance to become a magic girl.

Needless to say, when I vote tomorrow in the primaries, it won’t be for Mitt Romney.


8 thoughts on “When Anime and Politics Collide”

  1. Ok that comparison made me chuckle…

    At times, it’s hard to believe that ‘Super Tuesday’ is here. It’ll be interesting to see who wins todays primary. Primaries don’t hit Maryland until April 3, I already know whom I’m voting for, and I won’t be voting for Romney. I’m curious to see how things change, for some of the other candidates, between now and then.


  2. I agree. I am not too caught up on my politics by any means but it just feels like he is trying to buy the peoples vote instead of earning it. Personally I kinda like Ron Paul but sadly he probably won’t win.


  3. If he were Kyubey, then by not voting for him, we’d be like Madoka (during the first half of the show), wouldn’t we?

    The Madoka who stopped witches from spawning. Good.
    The Madoka who had ghouls appear in their stead. Not so good.
    The Madoka who caused magical girls all across time less anguish by eliminating the witch state. Good.
    The Madoka who had magical girls disappear once their gem was corrupt instead. Not so good.
    The Madoka who destroyed energy efficiency, who caused trillions more magical girls to have to be harvested by Kyubey for them to get an equivalent amount of energy. Bad.

    The Madoka who ultimately killed trillions of girls just by her own selfish wish to eliminate suffering.

    Fucking horrible.


  4. If Romney is kyubey then Obama is gendo ikari, promising us salvation from our foes but really driving all of us to damnation. Its not a question of who is evil, but which evil do you prefer. I’ll take my chances with Kyubey sorry, Romney, I’m at least willing to pay the price for that wish. I sure as hell won’t just let my soul be ripped from me for nothing,Equivelent exchange is a law after all, can’t get something for nothing…


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