The Null Set Is 4 Years Old Today

After almost 2 years of kicking around the idea of starting an anime blog I decided four years ago today to see if I could write an anime blog and keep up with it. I guess the answer was – yes I could. (With the caveat that my writing style never developed into something that I liked and I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like to 🙂 .)

Looking over my previous anniversary posts I noticed that they get shorter each year and this trend will probably continue this year though I might start showing my age by reminiscing about the good old days …

… Thinking back, it was a strange decision to make about starting a blog. I was always more math/science attuned and find organizing my thoughts into something coherent on paper a very difficult task. For example, that comment I left in the previous post took me almost two hours to write. Also, during the anime season that I started blogging, Winter 2008, I was feeling burned out over anime and was only watching one series. Why this was a good time to start blogging about anime is beyond me now. …

Sorry about that; reaching four years isn’t even that old compared to many blogs out there. 🙂

Before I lose anymore eyeballs to my meandering thoughts, I want to wholeheartedly thank the people who continue to read and comment on my little blog.

I don’t want to promise that I’ll write more in the upcoming year since that hasn’t worked in the previous years but I don’t foresee myself stopping anytime soon. I love anime as much as I did when I started and I still want to see more people watching anime and more people deepening their own love of anime by trying out new genres of anime.

And because someone might actually care, some stats:

  • 438 total posts
  • 1,096,351 total views
  • 1986 total comments and
  • 84,471 spam comments
Top 10 Posts of Last Year



Film Review – Pixar’s UP 8,782
FLCL Series Review 7,794
The Top Eight Anime of the Spring 2011 Season, #8 to #5 7,097
Soul Eater Wallpaper 3 5,206
Toradora Wallpapers 4,573
Haruhi vs Gurren Lagann 4,397
Summer 2011 Anime Preview and Watch List 4,364
Clannad Wallpapers 3 4,225
The 5 Personal Most Influential (non-anime) Animation Shows 4,123
Merry Christmas!! 4,048

If I had funny search terms that brought people here I’d include them but looking them over I really don’t have anything that funny 😦 .


7 thoughts on “The Null Set Is 4 Years Old Today”

  1. Good god, two hours?

    In two hours I would be able to write anywhere from 1000 to 10000 words, even though they would need re reading and re writing. So long as the creative muse flows. Writing block, thy name is null, I suppose.


  2. @ymarsakar: And I envy people like you that can write so much so quickly.

    I have noticed that I can often write quicker in the couple hours before I go to bed when my brain feels a bit hazier then normal.


  3. Oh, that’s called tapping into the subconscious. It’s what monks, ritualists, chi gong users, and martial artists do in meditation. Too much meditation and relaxation and a person goes to sleep. Not enough and a person is thinking with too much of the monkey brain, the social issues of stress, emotion, and logic.

    That “hazy” feeling just before bed and just as one wakes up, allows one to tap into the greatest parallel processing (electrical and computer engineering jargo) powers of the human brain, totally bypassing logic and reaching into intuition or parallel processing.

    This state can be artificially induced by various tricks and methods learned in martial arts, meditation, chi gong, etc. There are various paths to this, including the Tai Chi Chuan of Chen Zhonguo (or just Tai Chi in general, aka moving meditation) or the theories and explanations of Dr. Yang of YMAA.

    There’s a reason why martial artists go into the mountains to meditate and reflect on matters. It keeps them from from other humans and talking, which distracts them (not with temptation) but by making them think using the logical parts of their brain, rather than the intuitive and instinctive. Miyamoto Musashi also went into a cave high on the mountain when he felt he had cancer, and chose that place to die and write his book, the Five Rings.

    Most people don’t know this the way I have explained it. If they do, they know it in another method. They have their own “paradigm” to explain such phenomenon, but essentially we’re talking about the same thing.



    Here’s something that may help you get more creative power into your hands. To weave the tapestry of tales as befits a bard of legend (ary anime).

    What I do when I started off writing on the internet is simply concentrate on making the train run and keep it going. Then by rereading what I wrote and making minor and major corrections, I was able to do things naturally on the first try, much later on. Mistakes still come into being, but they are minor compared to what other people have to deal with. The first train run can often be unsightly, but with enough repetition and rewriting of what you have written, you can come to enjoy the process of refinement. Brandon Sanderson, that world class talent recognized even by the Estate of the late Robert Jordan, hated rewriting at the beginning as well. I did as well, but I find now that I enjoy re-reading what I wrote, to make it better. Which often means that if I can’t edit it, I’ll write another comment, hah.

    I’ve done some non-commercial editing, for a friend, in one of their fan fictions. It was very good too. I’ve tried my hand at amateur voice work for user mods. I often make a strong impression at parties with strangers, or those I meet via serendipity at parks and from Christian missionary work. I invoke interest in topics that they wish to speak about using my knowledge of human nature, behavior, and body language.

    Such things were not given to me by temperament, talent, or birth. I seized them on my own. If you wish for better writing ability, you’ll have to do the same. Some were fun. Others were challenging but educational.

    Many things in life can be achieved with a great enough will power. Some things, like death, are what makes us all equal, but such is the grand glory of existence.


  5. Sigh, a million views… I guess people read long-standing, quality bogs, not blogs that post a lot. Which is to be expected, anyways 😛

    Congratulations! Here’s to many more years. I hope you’ve had fun.


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