Happy Halloween!

Of all the holidays that inspire anime bloggers to post off-topic about, Halloween wouldn’t be my personal choice as the biggest but I just realized that I haven’t missed a Halloween yet. So for the fourth year running, I hope everyone out there had a great Halloween.

I’ve been trying to work through a bit of writer’s block lately but with the Fall season starting to really hit it’s stride I hope the inspiration will get me writing more often. Anyways, the next picture is of the pumpkins that carved this year, mine is the one second from the right.

Good anime Halloween pics seemed thin is year:

And let’s close with a couple other pictures from around my house for this Halloween season. I’m just glad there’s not snow on the ground at this point :).

I was disappointed that a grand total of 3 kids came Trick-or-treating this year; the normal is around 25 to 35 a year. I gave these intrepid kids (it was sprinkling a little bit) double the normal amount of candy 🙂 .


5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. I saw how Silverlink did on Baka to Test and wondered if they could do the same job with C3. So far, they haven’t disappointed. The aesthetics are pleasing, the various artistic license taken look strange at times but also befitting at times.


  2. Hunter X Hunter Redo is just as plot addictive as the original, just with a faster pace and less time for suspense/cliffhanger developments. However, the redo of HxH has left out blood and some of the more scarier psychological aspects. I gave the original HunterxHunter 4.5/5 because it had a very interesting plot, characters, and combat system. Always something new going on. And the story arc actually ends for some of the characters. Without taking up hundreds of episodes.

    Currently I’m watching it for nostalgic reasons since the original ones are gone to make room ages ago. HunterxHunter was one of the early animes that I found without anyone suggesting it on a formal anime site.


  3. One thing I’ve compiled from a long duration of analysis is that the Japanese can speak perfectly fine English, so long as they sing it. But when they put it into a normal conversation, it comes out strange as if they don’t know where to make the correct intonations and voice ques. This is even if the grammar is correct and not Engrish.

    The OP to Guilty Crown is one example. At first, I thought they just weren’t using voice actors to act out English conversation lines. But there’s been enough opportunities that that can’t be the entire reason for the English conversation quirks in visual novels. I guess the melody and note marks for songs make it easier for them to pronounce English words so that it sounds normal, to us. In fact, the Japanese have very clear intonations in such songs, much better quality and transparency than English singers. I often have no idea what the lyrics are unless I look them up, for English songs.


  4. Pretty late on this, but I noticed not a lot of children came to my house, either. While normally, there’d be at least 50-ish, this year, there were only like twenty. It wasn’t even raining.


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