New Banner

I quite liked the previous banner; the combination of Yotsuba and a picture of a local steel mill worked liked a perfect opening to an anime does – it looked good and gave the viewer a window into understanding what they were about to watch/read and the people behind it. It fit so well that it’s stayed up the longest of any banner I’ve made (almost a full year) and I started thinking that nothing could replace it. I needed to find an angle that contained a similar level of rightness and awesomeness before I’d consider a switch. (Spoilers ahead for PM3.)

Having Puella Magi Madoka Magica be the genesis behind the new banner probably isn’t a surprise. There’s going to be more than a few people who make room at the top of their personal top anime lists for this anime, myself included, as long as the ending lives up to the rest of the show. I was pondering the exact reason why Kyubey is wrong to create the system of Puella Magi and witches in church today (the organist likes to hear himself sing and I don’t) when the thought came to me as to who Kyubey reminded me of. The more I thought about, the more right it looked and the more I liked the comparison.

The resulting banner is the one you see above. It’s probably not the best idea to mix politics into it but it illuminates a side of me that sets me apart from much of the anime blogosphere and influences how I look at things. If you don’t agree – that’s great; everyone is entitled to their opinion and don’t let tin-pot dictators tell you otherwise. If you don’t care – I’m probably going to change this banner in a month or so and hopefully you’ll like that banner.


11 thoughts on “New Banner”

  1. OK I give up. I vaguely recall the logo on Kyubey’s back, and I think it from the US, but I’m not American. Please let us know what it is. Thanks.


  2. @Steven Den Beste: I thought I’d try something different so I put “TNS” in the corner of the banner using the runic letters from Puella Magi Madoka Magica and moved “The Null Set” into the byline under the banner.


  3. The reason why you shouldn’t waste a good crisis is because if you do, you would have to go out of your way and work to make up a problem all on your own. And that’s just troublesome. And if you went to the trouble of getting the problem started, getting a solution ready for implementation under Emergency Rules, and you waste that chance, that’s a lot of time, money, and manpower that will never be recovered.


  4. Haha, I love the “anime and politics don’t mix” tag, mischievous emoticon smile and all.

    Unfortunately Obama is not QB, that would be Cheney. This current crisis came about under the cold supervision of his dead stare and now he gets to sit back and watch the festivities unfold. Monsieur Obama is more akin to Madoka, supposedly powerful but impotent in the face of what he’s found.


  5. >assuming QB’s wrong – but he is, in your opinion 😛

    I like the new banner. You should have some sort of banner switcher, so it randomly changes between banners you have had – but that might just ruin the mood.


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