The Null Set is 3: Shouldn’t I Be Burned Out By Now?

xkcd - one of the funniest webcomics ever.


The actual birthday was on January 21st, which makes The Null Set exactly the same age as Hanner’s Anime Blog.

I’d like to thank everyone that’s taken time to read The Null Set over the past three years; it’s been a more successful and gratifying experience then I’d’ve ever imagined and it’s because of you. I would also like to thank those that take the time to comment on The Null Set (except the spammers out there); I oftentimes don’t reply promptly or even at all or leave comments on the blogs run by the commentators (even when I really enjoy their blogs) but I read and cherish each comment made.

The highlight of this year for me was my last minute entry into the Aniblog Tournament and then somehow squeaking into the Top 8 (where I got pounded by one of my favorite blogs – Kurogane’s). Now, I don’t think I’m nowhere near being the eighth best aniblog out there – I could easily pick at least 20 other blogs that I think that are miles better – but it did feel great to see people actually voting for this blog. I’m sure the next time I’ll get paired against someone like Star-Crossed or Baka-Raptor and lose in the first round. 🙂

Somewhere along the way this year I realized that I probably will never stop blogging about anime. I might post at a slower rate but I don’t see myself stopping. Anime still has the power to wow me and I like the community that’s been built up around anime blogs. (Where else would I find such a diverse cast of interesting characters from the far corners of the earth?)

Last year I pledged to make the upcoming year the best year yet for The Null Set which didn’t really happen so this year I’m not pledging anything for the upcoming year. However, I do have a big surprise for readers of The Null Set coming soon that might just be the biggest thing that’s ever happened here.

And because there’s probably a few people out there that will find this interesting, let’s do some stats. As of this post I have had:

  • 402 total posts
  • 1603 comments and
  • 12,681 spam comments.
  • top day was 2,925 views on December 4, 2010
  • and my top week was Dec 6-12 with 12,856 views.

My top ten posts of the last year are:

The 5 Personal Most Influential (non-anime) Animation Shows 25,751
Merry Christmas!! 10,070
Soul Eater Wallpaper 3 7,200
Toradora Wallpapers 6,454
The 10 Most Personal Influential Anime, Part 1 6,231
Film Review – Pixar’s UP 5,946
Fall 2009 Anime Preview and Watchlist 5,554
Winter 2008 – 2009 Anime Preview and Watchlist 5,257
Soul Eater Wallpaper 2 5,227
Best in Anime 2008 – Part 4: Music, Voice, and Animation Awards 5,210

And let’s close with a screen-shot of Yuki. Why? Because it’s my party.


9 thoughts on “The Null Set is 3: Shouldn’t I Be Burned Out By Now?”

  1. Glad to hear you are going to persist in posting, I always look forward to your entertaining entries. Also, looks like you are well on your way to the milestone of 1 million views!


  2. @zzeroparticle: thanks! I’ve been into Yukism from the start which made my love of the movie that much more.

    @Panther: thanks! I’m that silent-type 🙂

    @Kitsune: thanks! I will definitely try 🙂

    @Mr. Walker: thanks! I will endeavor to be entertaining.

    @ymarsakar: thanks! I hope I don’t offend you by saying that such a short message seems out-of-character for you.

    @Baka-Raptor: thanks! It’s way better then attending fancy balls 🙂

    @Janette: thanks! So far this winter hasn’t bothered me as much as last year but there’s still February to get through 🙂


  3. It is courtesy of Japanese. Makes long English into a short Japanese word. As expected.

    When you say character, I am reminded me of the various jokes in anime where a character says,

    “Donna character … are you thinking of”.


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