So Predictable, I Predicted It

Almost 2 years ago I wrote a comment on Simplicity’s old anime blog about Obama and politics on the night of Election 2008:

“There’s a part of me that is quite happy to see [Barack] elected because he’s african-american. I think it’s an important moment for our country. If he puts the country in front of party politics then we should be okay. However, if he allows congress to pass alot of left-wing bills then he’ll make the same mistake that Bill Clinton made and we’ll see the republicans take back congress in two years.

The other reason that I’m partly happy that Obama won was that the republican party lost it’s way once they got control of congress and the presidency and they needed something to snap them back into shape. This, I think, will be it.”

And sitting here the day after Election 2010, I’m feeling quite happy at little ol’ me getting this election almost completely right 2 years previously when many “experts” still didn’t get it right a couple of months ago. Congress and Obama did pass a lot left-wing bills and as a result, the Republicans almost took back both houses of Congress. The Republicans were also snapped back into shape; shedding it’s “Democrat-lite” stance that it held for the last decade and returned to their core values of smaller, less intrusive government and fiscal responsibility. As an added bonus, because it was the Tea Party movement that was largely behind this shift, we saw the further diversifying of the Republicans.

I’m also extremely happy at getting it right since it means the federal government won’t have the chance to make things even worse for the next two years and that might just allow the people to do the job the government can’t accomplish and get us out of recession and back working again. (Though Ben Bernanke’s desire to turn US currency into funny money could do the job that Obama can no longer do.)

Even if I was completely right and the Republicans had won back the Senate, I don’t know how far they could go in fixing the problems that Obama created in these past two years with Obama still being  President. The only route that looks open to them is to try to control the purse-strings of the federal government, even if that means shutting down the federal government. Though the courts could still throw out the biggest drag on the economy that Obama enacted.

In closing, expect normal anime posts to resume shortly – I don’t like going off-topic here but I’d been so looking forward to this election that I need to write this post before moving on. What the country does in Election 2012 is a murkier subject. If the economy improves significantly and people attribute it to the actions of Obama then he will get re-elected, no question. If the economy gets worse or gets better with the perception that it was the Republicans that did it then Obama will probably not get re-elected. If the economy continues to stagnant, the presidential election will depend on how voters assign blame for the stagnant economy, how well the Republicans have stuck to their core and the quality of the individual candidates. I think the economy will continue to stagnate without Republican intervention.

I think the Republicans are on track to keep control of the House and gain control of the Senate in 2012, if they can stick to their principles and show that these principles are what the country needs. As for who the Republicans will nominate for President, I think the best choice would be a conservative governor that stuck to his/her principles and gotten their state going in the right direction. It gives the most convincing argument why they should be the President and executive office experience is a better training ground then the Senate for the Presidency. I personally like Huckabee as my pick though Christie, the governor of New Jersey, is starting to really interest me as does Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana.

28 thoughts on “So Predictable, I Predicted It”

  1. Today’s airwaves are filled with calls for even more compromise because progressive ideals supposedly lost last night. Nonsense. Progressive policies weren’t even on the ballot because the Democrats have never done anything progressive. Our side hasn’t lost because we haven’t yet begun to wage a genuine fight. Out of the ballot boxes and into the streets


  2. “As for who the Republicans will nominate for President, I think the best choice would be a conservative governor that stuck to his/her principles”

    Meaning it will be a schizophrenic, lying, cheating, gayish, animal f***ing, embezzling, pedophile ? Those seem to be the primary principles of the cRazy party.
    I cant wait when USians elect an ultimate PC president, everything above plus it will also be a nigra female, and slightly demented/retarded too. What fun will we have watching that sorry creature try to run your nation.


  3. Haven’t really cased them over yet, but I like Paul Ryan, and Christie has been going strong lately. No way Huckabee can win it; I’ve always found him to be a bit nutty. Jindal is too wooden. That’s my take.

    Let’s paint the map red in 2012!


  4. A red America would be one giving corporate welfare, higher deficits, undrinkable tap water, censorship, children with no school to attend, and wage slavery.

    Suck it.


  5. You are assuming most Americans actually care about or like republican or conservatives. It’s mostly likely that people didn’t vote republican in 2010 they voted not democrat.


  6. The reason why this country has issues is because people treat politics like the fights they had back in high school and grade school. Everything is about ego and “fighting” and “beating” the opposition.

    At least the Republicans find enemies overseas. Their political opponents prefer to find enemies right here in America to persecute. Not exactly a good role model for hope and change.

    They engage in “fight” rhetoric like they’re going to wage war in the US, while talking about ending war overseas. That’s like saving the Emperor and Japan by kidnapping the Emperor and preventing him from surrendering to the allies in WWII (that attempt was made). Yeah, fighting to win in America will end wars all right. That’s totally different from Republicans bombing entire nations into rubble to end those wars, eh. The Left just bombs America. Economic bust and bomb. Healthcare bomb. Unemployment FAE.

    The methods are rather inconsistent with the propaganda stated goals.

    Corporate welfare is when Google gives Obama a fundraiser and the investigation into Google’s violation of privacy for wireless American citizens then disappears. That doesn’t even include government take over of auto industries and bank bailouts. It’s the melding of corporate power with government, military, police forces that is the New World Order.

    For people from Japan or overseas, the reason why Americans treat each other worse than the Chinese do when they insult the Japanese or Japanese insult the Koreans, is because the Republican party is composed of most of the lawful gun owners of America. You know, the 1 gun per 1 person rule in America’s 330 million population? Most of those guns come from Republicans. A significant portion are owned by Independents in the middle. And a minority of it is in the hands Democrat alliance, say 20 or 10%

    So we talk all kinds of rudeness to each other because it’s a sort of contrived game. The Left tries to control the government and military to strangle people to death with laws. While the Right arms themselves with guns, mines, bombs, blades, and what not because they want to exercise free will.

    Becauese the power of the Left here is only in the arm of the government, they tend to be individually insecure and like to prefer words as their weapon. They become very good at it too.

    People use nasty insults because they lack the guns and bombs to actually do anything to Republican members and neighborhoods. Kind of frustrating, really, if you think about it.

    Well, technically, people from other nations treat America the same way, because America has most of the Weapons of Mass Destruction. Same idea. Talk smack and insults, because you might as well do it. Got nothing else available. If you lack the firepower to eliminate enemies using brute strength, then psychological warfare is the only alternative.


  7. People may not know this but America’s primary nuclear deterrence isn’t the land based silos that launch the ICBMs. It is the nuclear ballistic submarines that are invisible to all detectors. They launch MIRVs which can cover an entire continent in nuclear detonations. Because nobody knows where all of them are, even if you destroy the entirety of the United States, the dead man’s code for the submarines is to launch everything they got against as many enemy population centers as they can reach.

    Democrats like to raid funds from the programs designed to extend and upgrade such weapons. This is why Democrats get a lot of overseas money for campaign contributions.

    Why does anyone need to spend billions to develop their own system when they can just help elect a Democrat President that will cancel missile defense programs decades in the making and prevent proper maintenance on the available current nuclear weapons? Much cheaper in the long term.

    One Ohio nuclear ballistic submarine carries 24 Trident ICBMs. Each Trident ICBM carries 8 MIRV multi target warheads. Each warhead has a yield of Nuclear W76 100 kT or W88 475 kT.

    Concerning the bombs used to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki:”Due partly from the absence of any instrumented test with this weapon design, the yield of this explosion has been subject to a wide range of estimates over the years, ranging from a low of 12.5 kT up to 18 kT. The most thorough analyses have typically placed the yield at 15 to 16 kT.”

    16,000 tons of TNT equivalent.

    There are an estimate of 14 Ohio submarines in existence, somewhere in this world. They were estimating they needed like 30 or so, but that was back in the Cold War. Now let us see. 14 times 24 times 8 is what again?

    2688 times 100 kT nuclear detonations for a minimum yield. How many cities do you think can be destroyed with around 269,000,000 tons of nuclear explosive yield when it took around 20,000 tons to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki? It is estimated that this constitutes around 50% of America’s total nuclear payload. Which would place estimates that the total nuclear yield of America’s payload is somewhere around 500,000,000 equivalent TNT (dynamite) tons in nuclear weapons.

    No wonder Democrat Presidents are popular in the world. A single Ohio class submarine is capable of terminating 192 separate targets without reloading, assuming no missile defense system is in place.

    The Russians once had an equivalent payload, but they tended to run out of money to pay for the maintenance. China has never had a strong navy in the cold War, so all their launch systems are land based.

    Americans like guns because it wouldn’t feel right to be living in such a nation if you don’t have a lot of firepower sitting in your house. For many individuals, not all. Non-Americans are right when they look at Afghanistan and Iraq and wonder why it is America calls it a “war” there. The real war is happening between Americans inside the US right now, not outside. The war to determine who decides what will happen to such weapons and future missile defense systems.

    Because if America has no fear of nuclear retaliation given the 100% absolute defensive shield that was being developed until Obama canceled it and destroyed the R/D projects that wasted decades of research and development, America could have started using nuclear weapons without fear of nuclear retaliation. Consider that for a second and ponder its implications.


  8. Bombing people and wiping out families with death squads overseas doesn’t mean the country is safe.

    And that’s not what corporate welfare is. It’s all the free money, tax breaks to ship jobs overseas, free land, letting them keep tax money that consumers pay, over-deregulation, and the various Supreme Court changes like giving corporations people rights and making it easier to kick people out of homes to build stores.

    You don’t need or should need guns or bombs to express anything. Not saying you shouldn’t have them, but obviously stuff should be done without killing your fellow Americans… So funny how people think gun ownership is some left right thing when Obama and the Democrats actually helped to make some gun laws less strict.

    Republicans are very much into big government. You or anyone might hold more traditional conservative beliefs and politicians may feed you what you want to hear, but voting for Republicans is voting out of your own interests.


  9. Btw, that’s actually not the scary part. The scary part is that this is using only 5% of the US’s total GDP of around 11 trillion dollars.

    Out of a total GDP of 11,000,000,000,000, America only utilizes somewhere around 500,000,000,000 (500 billion dollars) for maintenance and around another 100-300 billion for the maintenance of the wars in Afghanistan + Iraq.

    China, on the other hand, tends to spend a significantly greater percentage of GDP.

    The Obama deficit for healthcare and payouts to corporations, however, eventually totaled more than 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion dollars).

    Now imagine if a Democrat President wasn’t in power. That a Republican President had spent 1 trillion dollars on more military funding to increase and enlarge America’s missile defense systems against nuclear strikes and increased America’s nuclear offensive strike capabilities.

    If you think about it too long, you can get very scared of certain people running America’s military. Of course, people would be more scared if Russia or China were running things, but they never think about that.

    Russia would just put you out on a life raft and say “you disappeared” sometime in the night, like they did with the pirates, LOL. A city got obliterated by a Russian nuke and they’ll say “it just disappeared in the night, we didn’t know what happened”.


  10. The military industrial complex is so large already. “This is why Democrats get a lot of overseas money for campaign contributions” like how Republicans get a lot of overseas money from banks and international corporations?



  11. “Republicans are very much into big government.”

    That’s why the Tea Party movement started. The first goal was to take over DC corrupt politicians, of whatever stripe, and replace the entire infrastructure that is the elected political ruling class.

    Obama came from Chicago. Chicago’s gun laws are some of the most unreasonable around. They mandate that you have to get gun training at a range. Then they outlaw any gun range from being established inside city limits. This was with Obama’s full approval, both as Senator and as President.

    The Supreme court decision of several months ago overrode anti gun zones like DC and Chicago, not Obama. It was a lawsuit brought against the city for restricting the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens with illegal laws about banning handguns.

    Obama did in deed say that there were bitter clingers holding unto their bibles and guns. He never said he’d promote gun ownership and repeal DC’s gun bans. Actually if he did say that, he’d have already broke it. So maybe it was a good idea he didn’t say anything.

    The first step in recognizing truth from fiction is getting the profile analysis of one person right. If people can’t even get the right goods on Obama, no way they can decide what is true about a more complicated organization like American political bodies.


  12. Actually, it’s illegal for foreigners to donate to Presidential elections.

    It’s why Obama intentionally took out the credit card fraud detection in the donation system for his campaign in 2008.

    This stuff is legally mandated for all such internet credit card transactions. But he intentionally ordered that it be taken out, so that companies could no longer track where the money was coming from.

    There are ways around donation laws, of course. Well, obviously, because the people who benefit from such laws are the ones making them in Congress (DC). It’d be like having prisoner write the conditions of their own parole. Of course they would put loopholes in. Especially when foreigners can bribe individuals rather than directly donate to campaigns. “Gifts” are a great thing. It was a “gift” this 500,000 yacht of mine.


  13. Screw Americans, give more money to military industries and their friends

    There’s a rather high percentage of unemployment in this country right now. People have to eat and pay the rent, you know. I’m not sure why they would refuse a 100-400k a year salary just because a defense contractor is the business offering the position.

    No money to defense contractors, no high skilled jobs. People have to go dig ditches using Obama’s government supplied shovel or something. Hey, whatever pays the bills. But you know, there are not a lot of jobs that require just digging ditches with a shovel. People would take it, if they could find it, but they’re still unemployed.

    A lot of high paying jobs went out the window the moment Obama canceled the missile defense shield. Like I said before. Leftists in America treat other Americans as the enemy. They go out of their way to make them unemployed. Just because they justify it as they being the “enemy”.


  14. Missile defense shields are a dumb concept, it just encourages more bombs and more sophisticated bombs to be built. lol 100-400k year salary.


  15. Missile defense shields are a dumb concept

    So now the fact that the parents of a household are out of a job is reduced down to the ideology of “you only need a job if you do something I like”, is that it.

    Are human rights really solely dependent upon the opinions of others as to whether they deserve it or not? People should be able to decide their own fate and goal in life. Without being told that what they are working hard for is a “dumb concept”.

    You don’t know much about private contractors working for the US military, do you.


  16. Last time I checked people who worked for the government were making more than the private sector jobs that were paying the taxes that make government jobs possible.

    This is called a pyramid scheme. A bridge to nowhere is just one bridge. This is a pyramid as large as America. That’s something different.


  17. …I’m not really knowledgeable about politics, but I am a civil rights extremist, lol, so the main reason why I don’t like the Republican policies is that they try too hard to stick their noses into everyone else’s freedoms and rights. Economically wise…I don’t know…it’s not always the government’s fault when there’s an economic downpour. I mean, this is an international thing. Historically speaking, depressions are inevitable, and although this lack of available jobs is certainly frustrating I’m not the type to go pointing fingers. Eventually things will straighten out, as long as our government isn’t trying to be deliberately selfish, which I honestly don’t think it is.
    I’m so happy WE finally got a new governor. I more concerned about state politics than anything. God please let’s fix our education…-rolls eyes-



    It seems people think California is a Republican stronghold. They’re just outlawing freedom for the greater good. With the power of government in their hands, they don’t need to give people rights, civil or otherwise. People end up doing as they are told. Their fate as serfs.

    Recessions are inevitable. Depressions result from government trying to fix the problem, but end up making it worse. Not even FDR could fix the problems his policies were causing, until the war geared up people’s desire to produce. The UK and Greece had enormous debts and as a result their economy tanked. It’s just kind of inevitable that the credit card is going to get maxed. Maybe if they had an unlimited credit card, their economy wouldn’t have been depressed. They can always print more money.


  19. From my point of view, Obama’s problem was not being left-wing enough — too little stimulus, staying in Afghanistan, no real national health insurance. He might have been able to get two out of these three right if he had moved immediately on the crest of his wave of popularity, and not tried to compromise with Republicans who were never going to compromise no matter what he did.

    Now I think the US will sink further into depression, dragging much of the world down with it, the gap between rich and poor will widen, there will be social unrest, and the US will be condemned to a lost decade like Japan’s.

    But it is possible that you are right, and a short but much sharper depression will clean out the system and allow for a new period of expansion. We do have to recognize the great suffering this will cause, however, at least in the short term, and maybe the long.

    And I hope that your libertarian tendencies do extend to abandoning foreign adventures like Afghanistan. It would certainly be interesting to see true libertarianism actually tried. From my point of view, Mr. Bush fell into the trap laid by Osama bin Laden, who had clearly stated that he wanted to get America into two wars at the same time and break its economy.

    By the way, my own prediction two years ago, as a lukewarm supporter of Obama, was that coming into power at a time when Republicans had ruined the US economy, he would end up being blamed for their huge mistakes and for not being able to fix them in two years.


  20. Obama has always told Republicans that elections have consequences and that meant Obama won. He specifically said, “I won” to Republican attempts at compromise.

    Obama did not compromise on a single thing with Republicans on healthcare or the stimulus.

    Obama is not the type of person to consider other people’s viewpoints as more valid than his own.


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