Happy Halloween!! – 2010 Edition

Yes this is one of those totally fluffy anime posts where I wish everyone a Happy Halloween and fill the post up with Halloween anime pics. 🙂

So, Happy Halloween to everyone that celebrates Halloween. Last year I also reminded my American readers about having to turn their clocks back an hour since Daylight Saving Time was ending so I’ll mention that this year next Sunday is that week that we have to turn our clocks back. (And to further derail the point of this post, according to what I saw for Europe, this weekend is the end of summer time and it’s time to turn the clocks back an hour.)

Anyways, first here’s a picture of the jack-o-lanterns that my family carved. Mine is on the bottom right.

And here are more Halloween themed anime pictures.

Japanese Engrish 4TW



5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!! – 2010 Edition”

  1. I always wonder what the subtle differences there are when different nations/cultures celebrate the same holiday. I wonder if the Japanese have more eccentricities than other nations that adopt Anglo/European customs.


  2. @Everyone: thanks.

    @ymarsakar: One of the few parts to my high school Spanish class that I enjoyed was when the teacher would cover how the different Spanish countries would celebrate holidays and which holidays they really celebrated.


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