Fall 2010 Anime Impressions – Sora No Otoshimono Forte

Last fall Sora no Otoshimono had the element of surprise when it shocked anime fans around the world for being an intelligent fan-service anime that weaved in a compelling story and an inspired sense of humor. At it’s conclusion, I hoped it would get a sequel because I genuinely wanted to see where the story went and because Tomoki is one of the most awesome male main characters of the last few years. I must not have been alone because here we are a year later and Sora no Otoshimono is back.

Rating for episode 110.5/12 Strong A
Rating for episode 210.5/12 Strong A
Anticipation Level: 4.5/5 High

The Story

From the first season we learn that high above the Earth is a secret domain where supremely powered beings live in extreme comfort, a truly heavenly paradise. These gods, little g, are not the enlightened beings we’d imagine and act more like demons; they’re cruel and hold only contempt for the lower beings known as humans that inhabit the world far below them. It’s little surprise, then, that when one of the attendants to these hedonists, an angel by the name Ikaros, is sent down to Earth that her elimination is ordered.

In the meanwhile, Ikaros is found by Tomoki – a normal, hot-blooded teenage boy – on Earth and since she lacks a master, he instantly becomes her master. As a heavenly attendant she’s been given immense power to fulfill any request of the gods and now Tomoki has this power at his command. In-between assassination attempts, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what Tomoki does with Ikaros’ power nor is it surprising when he sometimes goes a little too far.

The second season starts with the revelation that Tomoki’s dreams have been interacting with this heavenly realm which should be impossible and the gods are not happy about it (guess what they want to do with this “Downer”).

The Fine Print

With any anime that gets a sequel, fans of the first season always worry that the second time will not measure up to the first season. Sora No Otoshimono is no different so I was happy that AIC A.S.T.A. made the effort to reassure the fans within in the first 3 minutes of the first episode that the second season was going to be at least as epic as the first season.

And AIC A.S.T.A. hasn’t slowed up yet; they might just be able to surpass the first season and push Sora No Otoshimono 2 into the top slot for the fall season of anime. So far, by every meaningful measurement, the second season has at least matched the first season. The animation looks slightly better this time, still not quite Kyo-Ani or Bones quality but well above average. The first two episodes have already featured 2 different OPs and 2 different EDs. The vocal work is top-notch; Souichirou Hoshi (Sanada Yukimura, Keiichi Maebara)  is great as Tomoki, Saori Hayami (Saki Morimi) plays Ikaros divinely, Mina is pitch perfect as Sunohara, Kaori Fukuhara (Tsukasa Hiiragi) doesn’t disappoint as the new angel character, etc. The humor remains fresh and inventive. The story keeps getting more interesting and my desire to see those gods brought low in defeat continues to strengthen.

I highly recommend Sora No Otoshimono Forte. The only groups of people who might not enjoy this is those that dislike anime with fan service at any level or the “cultured” anime fan that would never admit to actually enjoying anime. Since this is a sequel, I know many people reading this will not be able to immediately start this series but I think Sora No Otoshimono is well worth catching up on.

4 thoughts on “Fall 2010 Anime Impressions – Sora No Otoshimono Forte”

  1. The Japanese seem to be able to take the “power trip” motiff and go to interesting places with it.

    I watched the first series after reading your preview of Forte and it offered a great time. While I appreciate the detail and planning that goes into a longer series like Naruto, Bleach, or Fairy Tail, each episode in this series offers significant value for its length.

    In some ways, distancing the main character from the serious plot line was the right decision given the preference shown for fan service and other romantic comedy aspects. They could have had the eyeglass explorer be the hentai expert, while putting the main character directly into the serious plot but that means they would have to develop the main character’s personality through hardship and trial. Since his role was more of a backup support for the more emotional angels in Season 1, leaving the heavy emotional roles for the side characters ended up with a balanced cast.

    Since the Downer is now being specifically targeted, this seems a sign for character development through trial. A trial by fire, given that he is now personally affected and cannot escape the consequences through simple “ignorance” of the circumstances.

    I’m tempted to see what such production staff and directors can do with stories like Eien no Aselia and Utawarerumono. Can they handle such a detail orientated plot with a huge cast of characters? LOGH carried that off splendidly, but they used up a hundred plus episodes in return.


  2. On episode 3 of Forte. I think they make the pounding the Tomoki protagonist funny because of how much like a satire he is in chibby form. He’s much more likeable in other places, but a lot of the series puts him in chibi form and I can’t help integrate that into his personality.

    Which means when he gets beat down, that’s just him getting his just desserts.


  3. Forgot to mention, it’s really hard to take the character as a mature one when you got him running around with the panty thing all the time.

    My preference for great heroic protagonists go to either anti-heroes like code Geass or light hearted heroes like protagonist in Heroic Age.

    For Forte and Sora, the heroes in my mind are the angels. Not the so called protagonist ; )


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