Top 5 Weapons the Students of Highschool of the Dead Should Have Used

For what it aspired to be, Highschool of the Dead was a fairly successful anime and one that I mostly enjoyed. Every so often, though, it felt like I was being asked to accept a completely illogical piece of plot development or character decision because the author didn’t want to step up and make a better, more plausible story. I didn’t want these problems to get in the way of liking the show so I held off from my complaints till later but later has finally arrived with the end of the show.

I could have gone the tried-n-true way and just listed every problem I saw with the show but I decided to try something a little different and, so, the idea of doing a couple of top 5 lists came to be. These lists will just cover the anime, I’ve yet to read any of the manga so I can’t comment about the manga.

Number 5

Homemade Flamethrower

In episode 3 we saw that zombies could be killed with fire. This should have led someone to the idea of using a flamethrower. I did a quick look online which yielded a variety of easy ways to make a homemade flamethrower. My favorite was using a pump water gun but I also saw people use pump sprayers designed for fruit trees or even just an aerosol canister with a lighter. All very dangerous things to play with normally but in case of zombies, these could be a valuable weapon.

Number 4

Stun gun

In a couple of places zombies were shown to be affected by electric fences.  Theoretically, then, this should work as a weapon. It would only be a weapon of last resort but it might just mean the difference between infection and life. Cattle prod or a Taser would fall under this category as well.

Number 3

Duck Tape

I watched MacGyver growing up and Mythbusters; I know the awesome power of Duck Tape. I’ve seen it used to pick up cars and molded into a workable cannon. In the case of a Zombie Apocalypse the ways to use Duck Tape would be endless. One application could be to create lightweight armor that zombies couldn’t bite through.

Number 2

Molotov Cocktail

I almost included this in with number 5 but the increased ranged capabilities of a Molotov cocktail are enough that it deserves it’s own spot. It’s a quiet delivery system for the humans and it increases the distance someone could burn the zombies to a crisp. Off the subject, but speaking of not giving your position away to the zombies, can anyone remember the characters using silencers on their guns?

Number 1


We saw in episode 12 and elsewhere that the living used vehicles to mow down the zombies but they never took it to the next step. A snowplow is better designed at the task of zombie mover/killer. Assuming Japan isn’t that different, it should be relatively easy to find one without breaking into the local highway department. If the snowplow isn’t good enough at killing and a construction site was near-by, one could always augment the process by using a roller to squish the pile of zombies that the snowplow would create. Actually many construction/demolition machines would be great at zombie killing and I’ll include them here 🙂 .


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Weapons the Students of Highschool of the Dead Should Have Used”

  1. @glothelegend: Thanks, glad you liked and yes you should finish HOTD.

    @Shard: On some level I know “duct tape” is the more used name elsewhere but I’ve always known it as duck tape. I think that’s the case because the company that makes Duck brand duct tape under the name “Duck Tape” is ~50 miles from my house and most stores around here get that brand. I bet if Scotch had gotten the trademark to duck tape, everyone would call it duck tape like everyone calls transparent tape, scotch tape.


  2. cool!!! simple tools can save lives…. just like duct tape as an armor… didn’t know that…
    and I prefer bokken( wooden sword) as my alternative weapon…. with the addition of duct tape, it will be more safer to smash some head of “them”…
    thnx for the info!!!

    btw, I’m still waiting for the latest chapter of hotd…. could you inform me if there is any available site to view it??


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