Top Picks – Spring 2010 Anime, Part 3: VMA Awards

It’s that time again – the voice, music, and animation awards – or as I like to think of them: the set of awards that are completely subjective and some of the most difficult awards to pick as a result. And this season was no different.

Best Male Seiyuu

Winner: Hiroshi Kamiya as Izaya Orihara from  Durarara!!, Hiroomi Souma from Working!!, Otonashi Yuzuru from Angel Beats, Kou Ichinomiya from Arakawa Under the Bridge and I think I missed some

The Overall 2008 Best Male Seiyuu and Summer 2009 Seasonal Best Male Seiyuu makes it a hat trick. Then again, it was essentially impossible for any other guy to win this time since so many shows featured Hiroshi Kamiya in leading roles and he continues to do a great job.

Best Female Seiyuu

Winner: Maaya Sakamoto as Nino from Arakawa Under the Bridge and Akashi from The Tatami Galaxy

Runner-up: Yukari Tamura as Yamada from B Gata H Kei and Togame from Katanagatari, Aki Toyosaki as Yui from K-ON!! and Kena Soga from Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou and Satsuki Hyoudou from Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Picking the best female seiyuu was a much different experience with a bevy of strong performances from many different women. In the end I had to decide on a tie-breaking criteria so I chose to pick the seiyuu with the best characters to win. And that was, Maaya Sakamoto, for voicing two female characters that came off as slightly odd at times but were really deep, interesting characters.

Best OP

Winner: Working!!

Runner-up: Rainbow, House of Five Leaves, Durarara, B Gata H Kei, Arakawa Under the Bridge

There were a lot of openings I liked this season but no one single opening was able to break from the pack to be the easy pick, at least initially, because I remembered the old argument about picking the MVP in a sport. Do you pick the best player in the league or the person that contributed the most to a team even if the team didn’t do well? In this case, I’m picking the opening to Working!! because I loved it and it was the sole reason that I didn’t drop the show. Working!! eventually got watchable, barely, in the last 3-4 episodes but before then, it was the desire to see the opening one more time that kept me watching.

Best ED

Winner: B Gata H Kei

Runner-up: The Tatami Galaxy, Arakawa Under the Bridge, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

And I’m picking the ending to B Gata H Kei because it was by-far-and-away the best ending and it was always like the cherry that one leaves to eat last from a piece of awesome cake.

Best Background Music

Winner: K-On!!

This award is one of the awards that I almost never feel real comfortable picking the winner because I often don’t remember the background music to most of the shows I watch. There are exceptions, in the case of K-On, the BGM is light and airy and it perfectly compliments the show which is what the BGM is supposed to do.

Best Dressed Characters

Winner: K-On!!

Much like the award for best action going to Full Metal Alchemist:Brotherhood was completely apparent and needed no justification, this award going to K-On is also completely apparent and needs no justification.

Best Animation Style

Winner: The Tatami Galaxy

Runner-up: House of Five Leaves, Katanagatari

I fell in love with the animation style of Masaaki Yuasa in Kaiba so it shouldn’t be a big surprise that I’m picking The Tatami Galaxy with it’s similar style to Kaiba. What kinda surprised me was the number shows that were more stylized in nature this season. When I see animators willing to experiment and these shows actually given air time, I relax when thinking about the future of anime.

Best Animation

Winner: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Runner-up: Angel Beats, K-On!!, Durarara

There were several very well animated shows this season but Full Metal had this award in-the-bag when it took it’s already great animation and bumped it up even higher this season for the final arc of episodes. Durarara was it’s closest competitor and might have pulled it out if there had been more cool action scenes.

Top Animation Studio

Winner: Madhouse

The Fall 2008 Seasonal Top Animation Studio and Overall 2008 Top Animation Studio makes it a hat trick this season as well by producing two of the best anime of the season – The Tatami Galaxy and Rainbow. Both were very original works that showcased the best anime has to offer viewers. Both works also turned out to be, surprisingly, heart-warming series that always left me impatiently waiting for the next episode. And it’s possible that Madhouse could win this award again in the summer season because Rainbow continues on which puts them in a strong position.

That’s it for part 3 of my spring 2010 anime awards. Stay tuned for my top overall picks of the season. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Top Picks – Spring 2010 Anime, Part 3: VMA Awards”

  1. I felt like I was in complete agreement, but something was bothering me. And then it hit me. Tatami’s ED was only the runner-up, and it was apparently bested by.. B Gata. At first I thought “whatever, I’ve made weird choices before too” but then you had to go and claim it was “by-far-and-away the best ending”. If that’s the way it’s gotta be, then let me just say: fine troll, good sir!

    On a slightly more serious note, K-On’s BGM really annoyed me after a while. But then there wasn’t really any truly stellar BGM anyhow, so yeah.

    PS: seriously.. B Gata’s ED?


  2. @Hogart: The weird thing is I liked Tatami’s ED alot but I liked it even more as an opening when they used it as the opening for the last episode. If it had been the normal opening for Tatami, I’d’ve given it best opening.

    Of all the closing songs from the spring season the song I most listened to by a far margin was B Gata’s and I also never skipped it while watching the episode which is saying something because when I watch anime, I normally watch multiple episodes from different series, at the same time, and I can be pretty impatient when the closing song starts playing about getting to the next show. Those are two of the ways I use to judge the best opening/closing each season and to pick something else wouldn’t be right (even if that means picking an opening/closing from a show almost no one respects).


  3. Don’t worry, I’m of course just playing around. I also liked B Gata well enough, so it wasn’t a knock against the show itself. I’m just.. surprised that someone liked the ED that much, that’s all 🙂

    Funny enough, your criteria are the same as mine, and Tatami’s was the only ED that I really liked. Hell, I played it a dozen times on Youtube at one point, which almost never happens. Just goes to show how fickle tastes can be 🙂


  4. Whhhaaaaaaat? K-ON!!? Hmm, well, no, I can’t really say I agree with that statement since I thought Arakawa’s was leagues better. If you listened to the BGM during the course of the anime, you’d have been treated to some pretty solid stuff. The guy who composed it also did Queen’s Blade, which I maintain is the most underrated soundtrack the year it came out only because it was paired up with an anime that would cause people to turn away.

    I’d have thought you’d give it to Tatami Galaxy since I know you’ve seen that since it’s Michiru Oshima, the gal who scored FMA1 and Sora no Woto. She’s been consistent if nothing else, and I’ve always enjoyed the works she’s put forth.

    No problems with Working!!’s OP though it’s a close race between that and Arakawa’s. EDs never seemed that memorable though, so no comment there from me.


  5. @Hogart: 🙂 People’s tastes are very fickle which is why I like to hear what other people think.

    @zzeroparticle: I was actually hoping you’d comment on what I should have picked since you are more of an expert in this area. 🙂 Strangely, there was a small voice telling me I should pick Arakawa but I just couldn’t remember anything from the show to make me pick it.

    I was actually looking forward to Tatami Galaxy’s music thinking since it was another Masaaki Yuasa/Madhouse anime like Kaiba they’d get the same person to do the music as Kaiba but they didn’t and I thought the music wasn’t nearly as good which was one of the few disappointing things about Tatami Galaxy.


  6. B Gata H Kei was one of the best animes i’ve seen before 😀 although i do have a lot of best animes out of all the animes i’ve seen its still pretty good if its one of my favs :3


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