Angel Beats ep. 12 – A Couple of Thoughts

Between birthdays, Father’s Day, trying to protect my garden (slugs, groundhogs, rabbits,  Japanese beetles, and a lack of rain) and finally getting to four different spring anime shows (Working, Rainbow, Night Raid and Hakuouki:   Shinsengumi Kitan) – I haven’t had the chance to post anything or reply to any of the recent comments like I’d want to. I have a bit of time, though, so I wanted to post a couple of observations I had about the latest episode of Angel Beats.

I like reading reactions to episodes such as episode 12 to Angel Beats because I get to see who else saw what I saw and who saw something different. For the screen shot below,

I’m glad many other people did not enjoy having  a new character appear this late into the show, since my sister and I felt the same way. He seemed familiar for some reason, though, and today I remember why. We do know the identity of this character, he was shown in episode 23 from Cowboy Bebop.

Medical accident left him in a vegetative state but his family must-have eventually pulled the plug.

He had delusions of grandeur and had a thing for tons of computer monitors.

So it has to be him. 🙂

There’s nothing new about mentioning how Angel Beats has a knack at reminding viewers of other shows. I won’t mention the obvious ones, it’s been done, but I found a new one in episode 12 and this time it’s a video game. I’d probably dismiss this connection but my sister had the same exact thought at exactly the same time so I’m not completely crazy. 🙂

Coincidence? I think what made me think Kingdom Hearts was the design of the Shadows (or should I say Heartless!!) and how it was 3 vs. dozens of Shadows in the screen shot and how the Shadows were relatively easy to kill. I’m still undecided; is Hinata Donald and Naoi Goofy or vice versa?

5 thoughts on “Angel Beats ep. 12 – A Couple of Thoughts”

  1. I love your Cowboy Bebop reference. You thought he was gone, but…

    I was rather disappointed by the Angel Player outcome, I was hoping for someone we knew.


  2. I don’t think that Angel Beats was aiming for anything original, but with all the weird stuff that makes me go “huh?” I’m wondering just where the storyboarding went wrong. They could have had a stronger series if the energy was applied to the right places.


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