Making Anime Personas for Firefox (Haruhi and Soul Eater ones)

Somehow Firefox recently updated itself to the latest version 3.6 from 2.0 and one of the new things Firefox has is a really quick/easy way to change the look of your browser window called Personas. A quick look at their gallery where people can upload Personas revealed some anime ones – the Totoro one is really nice but nothing really grabbed me so I decided to make some of my own. And because I figured some people might be interested, I thought I’d show them off and direct you to where they could be found.

So far I’ve made seven and I’ve tried to make them so the Firefox interface doesn’t cover the good parts of the image (at least for XP which is what I got 🙂 ) . Below is what they look like and if you like them go here to install them.

Smiling Yuki is my favorite and the one I’m using right now.


9 thoughts on “Making Anime Personas for Firefox (Haruhi and Soul Eater ones)”

  1. @Panther: Here’s a link to their guide in making personas but basically to make a Persona you need two picture files. The top one needs to be 3000 x 200 pixels big with the upper right corner being the anchor point and the bottom one needs to be 3000 x 100 pixels big with the bottom left being the anchor point.

    @Yumeka and RP: Glad you liked.


  2. Nicely done, although I have to admit I find all ‘personas’ (not just yours) really distracting. I prefer plain grey because I want the app interface to disappear as much as possible.


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