Thanks Unexpected Snowstorm For The Sore Back and These Nice Pictures

There’s just something “wonderful” about a snowstorm that all forecasts say will only drop 3 – 6 inches (~7.6 – 15 cm) of snow in your area and you wake up to find that 19 inches (~48 cm) of snow has fallen. So on the day I was planning to write a few posts up for The Null Set – maybe get to a few winter impression posts or mention how much I’ve been liking Kobato lately or get to my top 2009 picks or figure out what else I should do with the 400 screen shots I took from the latest Gurren Lagann movie – instead I was out shoveling snow. I can’t really complain, though, I saw video from the mudslides in California and I have to say that I’d prefer snow removal over mud removal any day.

While I was out today, I took a few pictures and figured I’d share since it’s not everyday that a person gets so much snow dumped on them. 🙂

Click on any picture to enlarge, if you so desire.

Bird tracks in the snow
I’d’ve love to have seen that squirrel as he made his way through the snow.

Even on a day like today, the birds are cautious.
Two of the really big crows that live in our area.

The amazing thing is about 20 minutes after I took this shot, the street department actually plowed our street. It normally takes several days for them to bother.

3 thoughts on “Thanks Unexpected Snowstorm For The Sore Back and These Nice Pictures”

  1. The snowstorm was insane, but the results were absolutely beautiful. Although we were right in the lighter circle of snow, and didn’t get so hard.


  2. @Janette: Cool pics.

    As much trouble as a large snowstorm is, I prefer that over getting 1-2 inches of lake effect snow everyday for two+ weeks. It’s times like those that I wish global warming was true.


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