5 Reasons Why the Gurren Lagann Movie Part 2 Is …

The Most Awesome Thing I’ve Seen In a Very Long Time.

Number 1:

They don't mess with what worked from the series.

Number 2:

They tweaked scenes to add awesomeness and emotional punch.

Number 3:

More people lived.

Number 4:

Side characters get more chances to shine.

Number 5:

Completely reworked and new scenes.


It's Gurren Lagann.

Bonus #2:

It has one the best scenes in anime ever.

5 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why the Gurren Lagann Movie Part 2 Is …”

  1. I loved the volcano emerging from the center of the universe, just to fill the background for all the mechs to pose in. So ridiculously over-the-top Gurren Lagann, delicious.


  2. Wait, whose baby is that and who’s holding it? (picture two)

    *proceeds to pray to God Gainax reversed on the NGE esque depression i felt on the series end since i didn’t watch the movie*


  3. I must be a pretty hardened watcher of drama then, because I wasn’t depressed at all by GT’s tv series ending.

    But the Japanese likes to cater to the fans, so they’ll release a softer, less shocking/traumatic, ending eh? heh, of course.

    That being said, ML Alternative left me stunned at the end (much like Utawarerumono) and from what other people have wrote (about it), Alternative traumatized their young teenaged psyches. If people are falling into depressions just by watching an anime series… best they increase their psychological tolerance and mental strength levels before they get into the dramatic visual novels.

    People without the sufficient mental strength, probably won’t even finish them and certainly won’t enjoy them: especially since the pay off is almost always at the end, not anywhere else in the timeline.


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