So How Weak is the Fall Anime Season?


Sure it’s easy to say this is a weak fall season of anime but how do you quantify it?

I could say that as of right now, I’ve seen only 2 shows that are good enough that I would consider placing them on my fall seasonal top anime list when it gets compiled in the future. Which is true, however this doesn’t really enumerate the problem well enough so instead I’ll make the following comparison:

Let’s call the following group of fall shows Group A:

4 episodes of Kampfer +
4 episodes of Nyan Koi +
4 episodes of Armed Librarians +
4 episodes of Railgun +
3 episodes of Sora no Otoshimono +
3 episodes of Miracle Train +
4 episodes of The Sacred Blacksmith +
1 episode of Trapeze +
3 episodes of Seitokai no Ichizon +
3 episodes of Kimi no Todoke

If I take all the entertainment and enjoyment from these 33 episodes of anime and compare them to a single episode – episode 12 of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Season 3, I find that episode 12 wins. Or to write it a little more mathematically:

Group A < Ep.12 SZS s3

Sadly, I’m completely serious and if I want to rub some salt into that wound, I’ll add that episode 12 wasn’t particularly that much better from the rest of the series. Here’s a recap.

Want deep discussions on science?
Want commentary on current affairs?


Want explosions?


Want chicks with weapons?
Want genderbending?
Want fan service?


I should run a poll: Kaere-sensei or Yoko-sensei?

Episode 12 had it all and it only took 23 minutes to cover all these bases.

I’ll probably get some feedback about including Kimi no Todoke in group A and because I haven’t written up my impression post let me just say that I do like the show but right now it’s seriously lacking in providing any sort of tension / conflict and I wonder why this show needs to run more the a couple more episodes.


9 thoughts on “So How Weak is the Fall Anime Season?”

  1. I’m hesitant to drop the hammer of FAIL on this season, but I certainly see your point. At it’s best this season’s new shows are decent. I think Kimi ni Todoke has shown to be a quality show & I’m sure the tension & conflict you crave will show up soon in the series. The SZS reference is much appreciated. Much entertainment can be gained from just a few minutes with that series.


  2. Completely with you here. After screen the first episodes of this season’s anime, only Darker Than Black 2 and Kimi ni Todoke get me excited. I’m not really enthusiastic about the rest; Miracle Train, Kampfer, Railgun, Queen’s Blade and Blacksmith was dropped almost immediately after watching the first episode and I’m seriously considering dropping Letter Bee right now. sign.


  3. “Group A < Ep.12 SZS s3"

    Complete bullshit. SZS is a crap show at best anyway, and come one, Nyan Koi's latest two episodes are akin to laughing gas. To say nothing of the season's absolute hit – Ichizon.


  4. Actually, I don’t really agree. Oh yeah, you should continue with Blacksmith because it just got a whole lot better starting with episode 4. Anyway, hopefully Letter Bee will become good as the manga because although the manga was slow, it laters become very interesting. You could read the manga if you want on onemanga which is named as Tegami Bachi and see how it is. Also, comparing SZ2, a comedy, to the rest of the season covering many genre is not really a comparison.


  5. Fall definitely has been far from impressive, but I don’t know if I’d take it that far. On an individual episode basis, I’m not going to disagree with you. The schrodinger section of ZZS 12 was fantastic and Naughty Ms. Kaere was pretty hilarious as well. But then again, Zetsubou Sensei would outrank most shows in any season.


  6. A harsh call on Kimi ni Todoke, and Trapeze has shown a lot of potential, even if its first episode isn’t among the strongest this season… But yeah, other than that, pretty much on the money. This might be the worst season of anime since… hmm… Spring.

    (No, in reality, it’s much worse. There’s something really wrong with a season when one of its most enjoyable series is a spinoff from Toaru Majutsu no Index).


  7. I’ve definitely been thinking how it’s interesting–I’ve not seen a single blogger not call this season weak, yet we all disagree on what the good shows/bad shows are.

    If you have the time, give Sasameki Koto a try. It’s no Aoi Hana, or by any means the best show there is, but it’s nice and cute, without fan service.

    Kobato is what’s keeping from being completely disinterested. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I absolutely love Kobato.


  8. To say the season is that bad may be a little overboard. I’m not going to totally disagree with the idea that this season doesn’t stack to some of the previous seasons but how much of this disappointment is the fault of us being spoiled by how strong the last few seasons have been. Personally, I do only like a few of the new shows this season so I find myself watching shows that are continuing from last season.


  9. As long as I can find at least one anime I want to follow in a current season, it is good 🙂

    This season I enjoy Kobato very much and cover it regularly 🙂

    Group A shows also don’t fit my taste, but they excel in some aspects. For example, Romi Paku is great as always and Yusuke Takeda done an excellent job with Kimi ni Todoke settings 🙂


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