Yes the Sky Really Looks Like That or Anime’s Current Fascination


The awesomeness of the final televised episode of Bakemonogatari has been well documented already but there was one angle that I don’t think I’ve seen anyone pick up on. Namely, the night sky seemed to be on the minds of animators this season because it was featured in at least 3 different anime. There was maybe more but these are the three that I remembered.

Another thing that might be surprising to some is how these scenes were similar. One way was the idea that the night time sky in a rural area is an awe-inspiring sight. Second, upon seeing the night sky for the first time, the viewer is left speechless. And third, it’s possible to look at the night sky for a long period of time without getting bored. I say that it might be surprising because up until summer of last year, I was in the group of people who had never seen the night sky from a rural area and I didn’t believe that it looked as nice as it did in shows like Air. Therefore, I wouldn’t think that all three of these shows would follow so closely the same viewpoint since it really couldn’t be that amazing. Now, I know better, and seeing these scenes makes me want to go somewhere that I could see the true night sky.

I wonder why the awesomeness of a true night sky is suddenly showing up so frequently in anime? I don’t mind but I wonder if there’s some underlying reason. Maybe it’s a subtle environmental idea about getting rid of light pollution or just to appreciate nature. Or a desire to get back to simpler times when it was possible for everyone to see this sky. Or maybe it’s a desire to get people to appreciate the simple joys in life. Or something totally different, I don’t know. All I do know is that I have a bunch of screenshots (and one wallpaper) from these anime that I’m going to post now. 🙂

Aoi Hana





Sora no Manimani








That’s Orion, one of maybe 4 constellations that I know.


Not night sky related but just breathtakingly beautiful







Yeah for meteors

1280×1024 wallpaper and my current desktop below – stitched together from this episode of Bakemonogatari. When the bluray edition comes out in a few months, I’ll try to create a large one for other screen sizes.


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