Fall Time Blog Update – New Site Banner and Finally Added Alittle To My Blogroll

This year’s pumpkin crop. I did very good this year.

On this last day of August with the weather suddenly feeling very fallish (after the 2.5 weeks of summer we finally had), I figured it was time to change The Null Set with the seasons. I also used this opportunity to do some office keeping that needed done; namely add a few anime blogs to my blog roll that I’ve really grown to like reading.

You can see the banner above right now but for future reference here’s what the banner looks like below.

fall1 copy

The thought process behind this banner started with the desire to go with a mix of anime and real life that looked fallish. I also wanted to spread out the images to cover the types of shows and characters that I really like and another ingredient was discovering how to write around shapes in photoshop. I hope you like; humbly speaking, I do really like how this came out.

There’s really no rhyme and reason to when I add sites to my blogroll and I always have the urge to add a ton of sites because there’s so many good ones out there. Since space is really limited I try to pick only those places I really like reading and distinguish themselves in some way. I don’t want any other bloggers to feel slighted if I don’t include their sites. I probably have a high opinion of your anime blog in reality and from a numbers standpoint, I don’t think a link on my site provides much traffic to anyone. Anyways, here’s the new blogs I added:

Borderline Hikkomori


Rabbit Poets

The Deathseeker

I also added a small section under the About section that archives all the past banners I’ve used. It really is funny how I somehow almost always use the Papyrus font and that I can’t seem to decide on the capitalization of the name of this site.


4 thoughts on “Fall Time Blog Update – New Site Banner and Finally Added Alittle To My Blogroll”

  1. Wee, I can haz additions!

    Also I will not be adding you until my next blogroll exchange (because I am a lazy ass when it comes to updating my extremely large blogroll). I will be sure to add you though…also I need to contact you sometime regarding something. :\


  2. Great banner! I got a hankering for some pumpkin pie after seeing this, lol.

    And thanks very much for the add! I won’t let it go to my head, I promise. 😛


  3. @Panther: That’s okay, take your time. 🙂

    @Janette: Thanks and it’s a good blog so more people should add it to their blogrolls.

    @RP:Thanks and your welcome.


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