Bakemonogatari Wallpapers


The wallpaper making bug bite me again so I looked at the currently running shows for a good show to make wallpapers for. There’s a couple good candidates but Bakemonogatari is just too good of a show to pass up so here we are. I hope you like them and I might have more wallpapers for other shows in the near future.

1280 x 1024

Bakemonogatari_1280_01 Bakemonogatari_1280_02 Bakemonogatari_1280_02a

Bakemonogatari_1280_03 Bakemonogatari_1280_04

Bakemonogatari_1280_05 Bakemonogatari_1280_06

1600 x 1200

Bakemonogatari_1600_01 Bakemonogatari_1600_02 Bakemonogatari_1600_02a

Bakemonogatari_1600_03 Bakemonogatari_1600_04

Bakemonogatari_1600_05 Bakemonogatari_1600_06

1920 x 1200

Bakemonogatari_1920_01 Bakemonogatari_1920_02 Bakemonogatari_1920_02a

Bakemonogatari_1920_03 Bakemonogatari_1920_04

Bakemonogatari_1920_05 Bakemonogatari_1920_06


8 thoughts on “Bakemonogatari Wallpapers”

  1. Thanks for putting these up and optomized for different resolutions. I especially like the first and last ones. In the end I’ll probably use the first one as a wallpaper. All that empty space on the left allows me to grow my mess of desktop icons and files without covering up Senjougahara. 🙂


  2. Nice! This might be Senjougahara blasphemy, but I think I like the Mayoi x Arararagi one the best. The real background is a really cool look.


  3. thanks, glad you guys liked them.

    My philosophy for desktop wallpaper is that it needs to look nice and also be functional. So I try to make wallpapers with a decent amount of empty space for icons and when I’m picking background colors (like in the second and third ones across), I try the color out to see how easy to see my icons appear on top of it.

    I do like the real photo look for anime wallpapers and of this bunch, that is the one I’m using right now. The picture used was one I took while in Washington D.C., a couple years ago.


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