Summer 2009 Anime Impressions – CANAAN


A couple of months ago I finally got around to watching PA Works’ first and only other work – True Tears. It definitely was a very pretty anime to look at but I never connected with the characters so it ultimately left me cold. With CANAAN, I was hoping for a better result since I hate to see good animation wasted.

Rating: episode 1 – 9/12A-
Rating: episode 2 – 9/12A-
Rating: episode 3 – 8/12B+
Rating: episode 4 – 9/12A-
Anticipation Level: 2/5 – Below Average

Much of the story and plot continue to be unknown at this point but, from what I’ve gathered so far, it appears to be centered around a ghostly assassin by the name of Canaan. She has a medical condition called Synesthesia and it allows her to be a super awesome assassin. (Synesthesia is a real condition but it doesn’t make one a super awesome assassin in real life, of course 🙂 ). Canaan has a friend from childhood but hasn’t seen her for a long time until, conveniently, the start of series when their paths cross again. And somehow these two will become connected with a mysterious terrorist gang that is doing mysterious things.


I’ll be upfront here. I already think the same flaws that hurt True Tears is going to hurt this show. Namely, while mechanically and animation-wise this might be a home run, the characters lack the heart to feel like real people and as a result, I won’t care about or relate to them and become very bored with this show. If I compared it to a currently airing anime of a similar type, Phantom, the differences become even more glaring obvious. In the case of Phantom, four episodes in and I was hooked on the characters and as a result the intrigue and mystery surrounding the show drew me in because I needed to know what will happen to Zwei and Ein. With Canann, there’s been many interesting things hinted at and shown in these four episodes but without compelling characters I’m started to not care what happens.

And that’s a shame because there is a lot going for this show. The animation is first rate and helps lend the series a realistic feel that shows like this need. And the story, with it’s conspiracies and intrigue, is a nice change of pace from what I normally watch. I’m always happy to see a show that attempts to tell a well-plotted and well thought-out story like this or Phantom or East of Eden.

I definitely have no plans to drop this, if for no other reason to see if I’ll come around to liking the characters. However, at this point I can only give a very weak recommendation for other people to watch this show – especially with the far superior show Phantom running right now. (Unless they mess up the ending, Phantom is making a very strong case for being ranked as the top show of this season.)





2 thoughts on “Summer 2009 Anime Impressions – CANAAN”

  1. Excellent general comment about both this and true tears, both of which are written by Okada Mari. Now, personally, I loved true tears, and did connect with the characters, but I know that many people didn’t. And I myself am having trouble connecting here, much as I am enjoying this show, too.

    I wonder what’s missing? For me, it isn’t the characters themselves, but perhaps something in the way they are introduced, with us developing our attitude toward them before we have enough backstory to know who they are.


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