What’s Even More Unbelievable Then Going Through A Time Loop 15,513 Times


This recently released map is meant to show how far from average the continental US was from the average June. These maps are released by the NOAA – a federal agency – monthly and are just one of the many things there in charge of.

Why am I bothering to write a post up about this map (and why did I mention Haruhi in my title)?

To answer, a few things came together in a short amount of time and I then felt like writing something. The first was that I’ve become a regular reader of Steven Den Beste’s mostly anime blog chizumatic and I saw a recent entry about how cold it’s been wherever he’s living at. I wanted to leave a comment concurring but I can’t seem to figure out how to register properly to comment. A bit later I cruise on over to Watts Up With That? and see the above map which further riled me up because it’s laughable wrong and then finally I watched yet another iteration of Haruhi’s madness.

From the first episode of endless eight

I can’t speak for the entire map but according to it, the area I live in experienced near normal temperatures for June 2009. This is a complete and utter lie. In the roughly 30 years that I can remember the weather, we’ve never had a cooler June. I won’t complain that the result was a very pleasant month for myself but it drastically slowed down the plants – our corn barely made being knee-high by the Fourth of July (most years it’s waist high, if not taller). And then there’s other considerations.

A map being wrong doesn’t sound like a big deal and it shouldn’t be except when your government is trying to fix the “problem” of global warming. These proponents are trying to prove global warming by using data collected by agencies like the NOAA so the idea of being able trust the data becomes vitally important.

The two possible scenarios as to why this map is wrong – one, the agency has a bias towards “proving” global warming and are fudging the numbers to help their cause or two, that calculating the average temperature for the month does not yield helpful information and the scientists there are too dumb to use a better system – both lead me to the decision that the NOAA cannot be trusted and thus any temperature data that they release should not be used in the debate about human caused global warming.

From the second episode of endless eight

This leads me to Haruhi. She and Obama are currently very similar in their respective worlds. They both have complete control over the lives of countless people and have there own ideas on how things should go and both use their powers to see that these things happen. In the case of Haruhi, she needs to do something before summer break ends and she’ll keep looping everybody until it happens. Obama wants to remake all of American society into something that increasingly looks distinctly un-American and will use as many different approaches as possible.

Kyon through his own apathy has allowed time to loop over 15,000 times without doing anything to fix the problem. I’d actually like to slap Kyon for not trying but instead I’ll do what little I can to stop just one of Obama’s ideas to destroy good American jobs and raise the cost of living for every single American. So let me state; the cap-n-trade bill is a very bad bill since it’ll do much harm to America and it’s economy without guaranteeing anything in return. (And that doesn’t even take into account that China is the number one polluting country in the world right now.)

And now, since I remember that this is an anime blog, here’s pics from the third and fourth episodes of endless eight to compare.



If I’d have to guess, I’d imagine that the scene from the second episode was the most recently animated since it looks similar to how Clannad ~After Story~ was animated.


7 thoughts on “What’s Even More Unbelievable Then Going Through A Time Loop 15,513 Times”

  1. I don’t enable comments on all my posts. I generally disable comments on anything having to do with politics or current events or alternative forms of energy, because those are discussions I don’t want to have, and anyway they tend to spin out of control.

    To register to comment on posts where I do permit comments, look in the upper right corner of my page. You have to register, and then log in. Once you’ve done so, a cookie maintains it forever.


  2. @Steven Den Beste: The last time I tried to register, I got an odd error message so I don’t think it worked but I just tried to register again and it said that someone by my user name already existed so I tried to log in and I was able too. 🙂

    And it’s probably a smart thing to disable comments but I’m still at the stage that I wish people left more comments. 🙂

    @Northern117: What I’m saying is when official data is so far off from the truth, you can’t trust them as a data source anymore.


  3. The plural of anecdote is not evidence. What you have is an anecdote concerning your local weather, then you extrapolate to to conclude that the NOAA is engaged in a massive conspiracy (at the behest of the Obama administration) to lie to the US public and advance a global warming agenda. That’s quite the allegation.

    You look at a national level map and concluding it’s wrong for your location. Have you made any effort to look up local maps? Have you checked what the averages are for your location or going only on your recollection of what average is? A shift of several degrees is quite big. There’s a reason the maps only shows +-10 degrees; a 10 degree shift in average temp is huge. Average temps are not what most people think of when they think of weather; they generally only recall extremes. If you haven’t looked into it at all and based your conclusion entirely on your preconceived notions, local weather, and obvious dislike of the current administration, then you haven’t really tried to reach a logical conclusion.

    FYI, my temps are several degrees below average this summer, but pretty much match the map. About half the country is above average, half below, with a bit more of a shift towards above average. If that’s supposed to be part of a plot to convince everyone of global warming, they aren’t trying very hard. Considering how easy it is to independently confirm weather readings, there’s a giant conspiracy just waiting to be exposed. Get to it.


  4. I agree that “the plural of anecdote is not evidence”. My problem is that the other side doesn’t apply that rule consistently.

    There’s a pathological degree of confirmation bias going on. Anecdotes which confirm “global warming” get trumpeted to the high heavens. Anecdotes which disagree with GW get dismissed as “mere anecdotes”.

    (And there’s been a disturbing degree of manufacture of evidence on the other side, too. For instance, the notorious “hockey stick” graph, which turned out to be an artifact caused by a buggy computer program.)


  5. I cannot really comment on the area that you live in but I can say that the map does misrepresent the area that I live in. To be honest, where I live it rained a lot more than it ever has in the 15 years I have been here. From that point common sense will lead to knowing that when it rains more, the temperature is lower and if the previous is true, then the average temperature has to lower. The only possible explanation that I can come up with to defend the map is that they are considering the temperature on a 24 hour basis which would obviously do some weird things to the average. But because I don’t measure the temperature on a 24 hour basis I have to go off of what I experience on a daily basis, leading me to agree whole heartedly with your premise.


  6. Those NOAA temperature detectors are placed in places like concrete roads baking in the sun or behind jets moving on run ways.

    Just how it is.

    The Disappearance of Haruhi was a well made movie. I heard they closely followed the light novel. Great job. Somebody is finally figuring out how to make profitable and quality use of original source material.


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