Munto TV Series Review


Munto TV is notable for a few reasons and it’s long actual name isn’t one of them (“Sora wo Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Seikei”). The first is that it’s based on the Munto OVAs that are an original creation by Kyoto Animation. The second is that by running during the winter season of 2009, this marked the first time that Kyoto Animation ran two shows at once (the other being Clannad ~After Story~).Notable as it my be, the more important question is how good is it really?

Final Series Score: 3/12 D
Rewatchablity: 0.5/5 – Low; It wasn’t gouge my eyes out horrible but there’s very little chance of my watching this show again
Ending: 2/5 – Disappointing; The major problems with this title occurred at the beginning and middle with the end being the least shaky but by this point, I didn’t really care anymore
Animation: 2.5/5 – Average; Cutting corners by using the old original animation produced a very uneven looking show
Pros: Likeable characters and great character designs, good work by the vocal actors, when the animation was done to the full ability of KyoAni – it was very pretty
Cons: What should have been a minimum 26 episode series was condensed into 9 episodes and the story/plot suffered irreparable harm, it was very hard not to feel duped when the viewer realized that the first 6 episodes where almost exactly – down to the individual shots – the same as the original OVAs, very uneven animation quality

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Yumemi is your typical female middle school student with everyday concerns like her friend wanting to get married except for one small thing – she can see an alternative world floating above the earth. She’ll find out, though, that she’s the key to save both the floating world and earth.

Thoughts and impressions

I could delude myself and say it doesn’t matter that the story was royally mutilated because it was shoehorned into only 9 episodes but I’d be lyng through my teeth and I really hate to lie. And the thing is, when you look at the show on the individual episode level – it’s a very enjoyable show. It’s only when you try to link the individual episodes together that the problems really become apparent. The imagine that keeps into my mind is a rope made out of sand; it looks like a rope but you can’t pick it up without it falling apart. (The image original comes from my history class describing the problems the Articles of Confederation had and how it lead to the writing of the Constitution.)

It’s very disappointing to see this happen, especially when the show appeared to have so much potential. I certainly wouldn’t recommend buying this but it might be worth a single watching; if only to see the good seiyuu work, likeable characters, and the few scenes that were truly great scenes. That’s about all I have to say; I could harp on the show’s deficiencies for another 1000 words if I wanted to and if I was a KyoAni-hater, I would, but I think I adequately covered it’s problems.


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3 thoughts on “Munto TV Series Review”

  1. Here I am, sitting on 5 episodes remaining, and yet, every place I look seems to suggest that watching it would be a mediocre experience. I suppose it’d be one thing if there were compelling moments, except the series seems to be missing that, and that’s a real shame.


  2. This was pretty good. I just watched it now. The world atmosphere, magical wizard power vs magical technology forces, were done exceptionally well.

    The plot and the world details (construction) were communicated through an entire episode, which is far longer than would be the case for any other series, 26 episodes included.

    I don’t really understand why you found the story shortened. It’s an expanded movie. Anime movies like King of Thorns or a number of others done by studios such as Sunrise, have very short plot summation points due to the time limit of 1:30 to 2:00 hours. That’s 4 episodes. With the OVA being turned into a 3 episode per tv. Which makes it 3 OVAs. It’s a retelling of the story, so they used animation already present from before, but with a sort of director’s cut modification.

    There’s nothing much wrong with the animation quality. The graphics are 2d. There’s not much the human eye can differentiate at the 2d level, beyond colors and contours.


  3. I think the series was good. But i see what you mean by they should have put it as 26 episodes because i had to keep cpoming back to it and it did feel like there was a lot missing especially the development of the relationship between munto and Yumemi and what will happen more in their future and Yumemi’s friend’s future and how the two worlds get along as well. I would like it if they would come back to the anime and extend it keep everything the same but extend the anime and explain things like the future of munto and yumemi and her friends and the relationship of the two worlds and how that works out.


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