Gainax Does It Again – Yoko’s S.t.a.r.S. Video Is the Next Big Step in Anime


Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Gainax has been one of the most important studios in anime for well over a decade. Many people point to their Neon Genesis Evangelion as the work that evolved the entire anime industry into what it is today. They went a thru a bit of downturn a few years ago but when Gurren Lagann aired, they signaled to the world that they’re still one of the top dogs.

Recently, they released a character single for Yoko, one of the characters to Gurren Lagann. A bit strange since the show aired two years ago and the second movie aired back in the spring but the song was good so I wasn’t complaining; after all, Marina Inoue is one of my favorite voice actors. I was surprised when further reading brought to my attention that Gainax did an animated music video for the song. Score!!

There’s still so much you can go with the Gurren Lagann universe and I’d love to see whatever Gainax would do with the property from a alternate telling as a school-life series to a straight sequel featuring an old Simon. So, I eventually tracked down a copy of the video to watch and just loved it. A suitable amount of screen caps follow below but before I get to them, I wanted to get to why I think this will be the next big step in anime. Namely, I now can’t imagine releasing a music CD without something similar. I think Gainax has permanently raised the bar and will force the others to follow suit.

Of course these videos wouldn’t have to be exactly the same thing but you could construct a video that would tie into the show nicely. For example, K-ON! could have a video set up to mimic a live concert dvd for the opening and closing songs; for Clannad’s dango song, we could watch a video with Nagisa, Tomoya, and Ushio doing happy family events; the opening and closing songs to Sengoku Basara could have sweet new fight scenes of opponents that didn’t fight in the show but you’d love to see fight anyways; for the recent Hayate character cover CD, it would have been cool if for Hinagiku’s cover of Cruel Angel Thesis, it had the Hayate characters replicate the Evangelion opening and scenes from the show. The possibilities are endless because the animators aren’t constrained to keep within the show’s storyline.

I hope that the licensors of the anime will bring this CD/music video over as well – I’d love to buy it but my current cash flow prevents me from spending a ton of money importing it. And now, as promised are a bunch of screen shots.



























edit: jedko, I don’t mind answering your question. I’ll embed a copy or you can try here.


6 thoughts on “Gainax Does It Again – Yoko’s S.t.a.r.S. Video Is the Next Big Step in Anime”

  1. Not sure the whole thing will really have that much of a revolutionary effect, but who knows :p

    Oh, and Hinagiku did get some sort of video to go with the Hayate no Gotoku!! ending she sang (or Itou Shizuka sang anyway :p). It was kinda bland, and it only covered the tv cut of the song, but it’s something at least lol

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  2. They raised the bar, but they certainly didn’t start the revolution. That act was started by Kyoto Animation


  3. A fine thought about having others do the same thing for other series. I for one would like to see more fights out of Sengoku Basara, but the singers part…only Yukimura (Hoshi Souichiro) and a few others could probably sing well enough lol.


  4. Do you know where I could find this to watch it?

    Sorry to bother you like that, I just don’t know where to look.


  5. The alternate universe spinoff is something I see done in a lot of radio dramas off the main story line. It’s a chance for the characters to break the 4th wall, but not impact the canon plot line.

    Dead characters come back to life to comment on their own deaths. Characters change worlds.


  6. Yoko is a good character, but I feel she’s two-dimensional. Nia is far more interesting because she appears feminine and submissive at first, but she is profoundly insightful and strong-willed. I think the only reason why people like Yoko is because of her “character design”. Just look at her upper body and you will see what I mean.


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