Milestone Reached – 250,000 Hits for The Null Set

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Back in January I celebrated my first year anniversary of The Null Set as well as reaching 100k hits on December 31, 2008. At that time I said I was blown away with getting 100k in under a year of blogging, and I still am, but I pondered if shooting for another 200k hits in 2009 was feasible. As you can tell by the title, I’m nearly there already and I’ve hit the next big milestone in only a few month’s time. Now I’m left feeling even more bewildered since if you had asked me when I started blogging about the chances of this blog ever hitting 250k, I’d’ve probably said there was a 1 maybe 2% chance of that happening and it probably would involve me writing for many years.

Below the fold contains various points of data about the site that will probably only interest some so before the rest of you click away, I want to thank everyone that visits this site and to everyone that takes the time to write a comment, even if I don’t respond to everyone single one – I do read them and appreciate them. And I’d like to also thank the blogs that link to The Null Set as well.

Since January, I’ve seen the amount of people coming here increase greatly. My highest daily view count is 1,548 on May 28, 2009, up from the 1,025 that was my daily high when I did my 100k post. But what really helped drive the views up in so short a time was how consistent the visitors come. May was the third month in a row that saw my average viewers per day during the month be up over 1,000.

As of this post, there’s been a total of 268 posts, 637 comments, and 3429 spam comments filtered out.

My top ten posts this time are:

Winter 2008 – 2009 Anime Preview and Watchlist 16,588
Soul Eater Wallpaper 16,266
Soul Eater Wallpaper 2 12,334
Haruhi vs Gurren Lagann 12,176
Gurren Lagann Wallpaper 8,670
Toradora Wallpapers 7,801
Spring 2009 Anime Preview and Watchlist 4,850
2007 Anime Awards (1-5) 4,759
Last part of 2007 Anime Awards 4,278
Trigun and Oh! My Goddess TV Season 1 4,126

Since my January anniversary post, I haven’t quiet had all the time to spend on this blog that I wanted to and as a result, I stopped doing my weekly anime reviews. I miss them, even though they were a lot of work to do, and would love to bring them back but I’m not sure if I could find the time. If I get to the point that I could bring them back in the same format, I will but until then I’ll continue thinking about ways to streamline the process and maybe bringing it back in a different form.

Something I didn’t bring up yet, because I didn’t believe it at first, is the percentage of readers coming from the various countries. I’ve been keeping track of this in two ways; one is the clickable flag counter I added to the sidebar and another is a separate, invisible stat counter I added to site that also keeps track of the countries of origins that visit. The percentages are pretty close to each other and haven’t changed much in the roughly 7 months they have been running.

taken from xkcd - the best webcomic out there.
taken from xkcd – the best webcomic out there.

Before starting these I’d have bet that probably 75% of my traffic would be coming from the United States and Canada – the R1 countries. But what I found is that only ~45% of my visitors come from the US and Canada – not even making up a majority, much less, the 75% I thought. Like I said, I didn’t quite believe it at first but the percentages are staying stable and I have seen a similar spread at other anime blogs that have a flag counter. This reminds me of one of arguments for English fansubs when legal streaming of episodes exists in region 1 – there are many people (a majority of the English speaking blogosphere) that don’t actually live in region 1. This is something the companies should remember when they try to stop fansubs while at the same time failing to provide the fans in these countries with a legal alternative.

That’s about all I wanted to mention; next time that I plan on mentioning the number of hits I have will either be my second anniversary or at 500k hits, whichever comes first – which is almost assuredly the second anniversary. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, I decided to use this opportunity to force myself to make a new banner. I used a pic I took a couple of weeks ago at the beach as the base.

7 thoughts on “Milestone Reached – 250,000 Hits for The Null Set”

  1. Grats on 250k!

    It’s always interesting to see which posts go on to become the most popular, although there’s always that one random post that skews the results because it gets picked up by Digg or Stumbleupon and shoots through the roof for no apparent reason. 😉


  2. Congrats on 250K dude, you deserve it. I hardly keep track of my stats anymore though, just too lazy to continue. Image posts usually get the most hits, that is for sure.

    Onward to half a mil?


  3. Tch, I meant to get to this before now, but CONGRATULATIONS ON 250,000 HITS! *streamers, confetti, and stuff*

    Um…I don’t really have a lot to say, so I feel like I’m adding on useless, shallow spam. But I have to say I’m a little jealous of the variety you get in your stats, though I bet that’s mostly owed to having more variety in content~ *self-pity*

    Because you said the second anniversary would come first, now I really want to see 500k come first. But oh well, I’ll still congratulate you for both!


  4. A somewhat belated thanks, been busy preparing for a job interview plus the normal stuff that keeps one busy.

    The thing with the image posts is on one hand I’d prefer if my written posts were as popular but since I only do image posts of stuff that I did myself, I guess on some level it’s still my stuff.

    I still think the idea of my blog getting 500K hits is absurd – I’ll just have to improve until I feel worthy.


  5. Congratulations on your milestone! 🙂 You’ll reach 500K very soon!

    That banner with the photo you took nicely merges real and manga worlds 🙂


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