Dissecting Why I Think K-ON! Is Funny Using Episode 3


I’m going to try something different here; I’m going to record every scene that I find funny in episode 3 of K-ON! Hopefully, this will lead to some insight as to why I like this series so much or, more likely, make people realize how messed up my sense of humor is. I am watching this my seventeen year old sister who also thoroughly enjoys this show. I mention this because sometimes things are funnier when watched in a group (probably some sort of positive feedback loop). Also, I’m mention the level of funniness by how much I react.

00:13 – A giggle when Ritsu got Mio to squeak at the mention of blood

00:28 – A half-snort when Mio coughs before speaking

00:39 – A chuckle at Yui’s “Puni Puni”

03:20 – A half-chuckle at Yui’s new hand gesture when greeting Nodoka-chan

03:55 – A chuckle at Yui realizing just when she thought she had time to study guitar there’s midterms to study for

04:03 – A laugh at Yui getting by without studying

04:25 – A chuckle at Yui impersonating Haruhi

04:53 – A laugh at Yui chuckling when asked about the test

05:20 – A giggly laugh when Yui mentions how you feel like doing something else when you should be studying.

05:28 – A laugh when Ritsu mentions how she feels like cleaning instead of studying.

05:57 – A half-chuckle when Ritsu does that dramatic laughing after revealing her good test score.

06:12 – A laugh when Mio reveals it was with her help that Ritsu did good

07:13 – A laugh at the time it takes for the club members to realize that Yui needs to pass the test or else she won’t be allowed to stay a member of the club

07:23 – A chuckle when Yui figures out a way to still get her snacks from the light music club.

08:19 – A rolling laugh when Yui starts to clean up her room instead of studying

09:02 – A giggle with the realization that even the Japanese use x and y in Algebra

09:42 – A rolling laugh at Ritsu’s imagination of Yui reading manga while rolling around on her bed instead of studying

10:42 – A chuckle at Ritsu’s pointless ability to catch potato chips in her mouth

11:06 – A laugh at the flaming eyes on the cover of the self-help studying book Yui buys

11:15 – A loud rolling laugh when Yui starts cracking her joints

12:30 – A rolling laugh at the club’s imagination of Yui’s younger sister

13:00 – A chuckle at the “She’s mature.” line.

13:12 – A chuckle at Ritsu’s comment about Ui getting all the good genes.

13:53 – A laugh at the idea of asking Yui for help studying.

14:42 – A laugh when Ritsu starts reading manga while rolling on Yui’s bed

15:00 – A rolling laugh Ritsu poking Yui’s foot after Yui has said it’s gone numb

15:25 – A laugh at Mugi knowing exactly what to say to motivate Yui

16:00 – A chuckle at Ritsu doing a very credible Miu impersonation by trying to have more impact when she enters the room.

16:46 – A chuckle at “It’s a strange bond we share.”

17:10 – A big rolling laugh at Yui mentioning how she never caught a cold.

18:27 – A big rolling laugh at Yui’s very nonsensical dream

18:48 – Continuing to laugh at Yui’s dream

19:40 – A chuckle at Ui is also good at playing video games

19:54 – A laugh at Mugi not paying attention while she’s pouring tea because she’s worried about Yui’s retest score

20:59 – A chuckle at Yui getting a perfect score on the retest.

21:50 – A laugh at Yui forgetting the guitar chords she learned because of the studying in algebra.

22:10 – A chuckle at Mio acting flustered

Well, there’s almost no referential humor in this anime. There are some scenes like Yui saying she doesn’t get colds that I find funny because I know some of the cultural references that are being referred to. In this case the saying that a dumb person is too stupid to catch a cold. Some scenes I find funny because they remind me of situations in my life like how my sister is a habitual joint cracker or how I get the urge to clean when I should be studying. The scenes of the different characters reading manga is an example of repetition humor and I normally find these are funny as long as it’s not over done. And many of the scenes are funny to me just because I’m a laugher.

Puni Puni



8 thoughts on “Dissecting Why I Think K-ON! Is Funny Using Episode 3”

  1. i really liked ep 3 i laughed at everything u mentioned plus more………i have found a good balance of shows between K-on and eden of the east as my favorites this season….eden brings in a very mysterious plot line full of intrigue and mystery while K-on is guaranteed to make me laugh several times………..with shows like FMA and cross game on the side im really liking this season……sure toradora and clannnad are done but these shows are shaping out to be some pretty good…..in my opinion at least


  2. @JayyG: I have found that trying to keep a balanced watching schedule, between different types of shows, keeps me the most interested in anime.

    Is Cross game good? I passed it up since it was a sports anime and I don’t often like sports anime but I’m always on the lookout for good anime. And at least I’m not the only one finding K-ON! as funny as I am.


  3. Steel definetly check out cross game….it may very likely be the dark horse this season…..dont let the sports aspect turn you away from the show i usually dont like sports anime but in this one its really only been used as a backdrop for some great character development…..the first episode pulls you right in and makes you really like and maybe relate to the characters……..

    two episodes are subbed right now and the third ep is up raw….the only problem really is that the sub group that does the anime is having problems so im really hoping that another sub group picks it up


  4. No not really…..i said K-on can make me laugh………….if u believe K-on has low comedic value….thats fine its your opinion after all…..

    personally I enjoy this type of show and like to laugh along with it…..

    its obviously not meant to be taken seriously…..so while i watch it i try to enjoy it

    do i think it is the funniest thing i ever saw….no not really but laughing is fun so i do it……………….

    so a statement like

    “So in other words you like to laugh” would be better…….i don’t think its easy to make me laugh but i do try to look for the “funny” in the things i see….after all a life with no laughs is not a life for me….

    as a reference point…..people like dave chappelle truly make me laugh out loud

    WELL enough with this rant…….just so i can stay somewhat on topic ill say this….im looking forward to ep 4 of K-On and im sure itll make me laugh


  5. I don’t expect light comedies to have any sort of depth. My main problem with the humor in K-ON is that it relies heavily on the girls’ mannerisms rather than on any sort of wit, charm, or personality in mind. It doesn’t have much of a style to call its own, but at least the plot is still there to maintain some sort of viewership.

    I enjoy those type of shows too, but that doesn’t mean it has to sacrifice interesting characters and originality for stock gags and stereotypes.


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