Spring 2009 Anime Impressions – Asura Cryin’


There are a few shows this season that their first episode really confused me because I was left wondering what exactly I watched. Asura Cryin’ is one of these titles. A couple more episodes will probably give me a better idea if this is a winner or not but I’m not going to wait since this inability to decide one way or the other is as valid of a response as knowing if I liked it or not.

Rating: episode 1 – 7/12B
Anticipation Level: med-high

Asura Cryin’ is supposed to be a semi-lighthearted and semi-serious story about a boy and a ghost that thinks she’s his childhood friend. The boy and female ghost where definitely featured in the first episode but so was a couple of large mechs, a religious organization known as the Inquisition, a shrine maiden with two different colored eyes that has powers at night but forgets about them in the daytime, a couple of organizations that are after a suitcase that the boy has. If that sounds convoluted, it was. At this point it’s impossible to tell if the story is deep and complex or is it just a haphazardly constructed deck of ideas just waiting to come crashing down.

The animation was anywhere from decent to good for this episode and if it can remain at this level will definitely not hurt the show. No vocal performances really stood out but all seemed at least serviceable. No other component really made a lasting impression on me.

One definite positive that might point to Asura Cryin’ being a good show is the small amount of fan service that was featured in this show. While I don’t have anything against fan service, often anime creators will try to paste over deficiencies in the show with fan service. I’ll admit to being deeply shocked that for a ghost that floats around and wears different outfits like a school uniform with short skirt and those female pajamas that are really just long shirts, I remember never seeing a shot of her underwear. This type of setup would seem to make a few fan service shots almost justified but Seven Arcs (the animators) seemed to have been bent on not doing so. If this means that Seven Arcs plans on keeping viewers with story, plot, and characters then it might just be worth sticking around.

As the weeks go on it’ll become apparent how this show will turn out and the best place to see how my opinion evolves on this show is in my weekly anime review.




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